I cannot think of a blog topic

…so I will write about Mr. Assimo. I’ve been blogstipated these past few weeks (ugly term for an ugly condition) and Mr. Assimo is the cure.

I’ve always enjoyed Michael V and his skits. Most Filipino comedians resort to green or toilet humor, slapstick, or jokes which they fail to realize have been done a hundred times by hundreds of other comedians before them. I think Michael V is one of the few Filipino comedians who are creative, versatile and neither crude nor offensive.  He does not have to resort to lascivious jokes, insults, or playing the fool to elicit laughs.

One of his personas is Mr. Assimo. Mr. Assimo is part of the weekly GMA gag show Bubble Gang. I have not been able to watch the show for so long so it was only recently that I found out about that he has been spouting sarcastic remarks for a long time now.  To catch up, I’ve taken a look at the clips of Mr. Assimo  in action from past episodes of Bubble Gang in Youtube.   

 I found myself laughing at this bob-sporting, hot-headed, extremely sarcastic, and somewhat effeminate guy.  Mr. Assimo finds himself in usual, day-to-day situations wherein the person he is talking to would repeat what he would say for confirmation or ask questions with obvious answers. Unlike most of us who make an effort to hide our exasperation and impatience behind civility and a strained smile when stuck in similar situations, Mr. Assimo chooses to verbalize his irritation in rapid fire outbursts. His sarcasm knows no bounds and targets everyone, from unassuming office receptionists, salespersons to doctors and even burglars and muggers. He’s not the most pleasant character but oddly enough, he does not turn the audience (or maybe just me) against him. I like him — as long as I don’t get to be in the receiving end of his tirades! Maybe it’s because I secretly wish I could tongue lash like him.

So now, whenever I find myself in an annoying situation in public or faced with poor customer service, I distract myself and think, what would Mr. Assimo do and say? Of course, I would struggle against impatience lest I find a video of myself screaming like a banshee in YouTube. But in my mind’s eye, I would be doing just that! (Hiyang hiya naman ako sayo!)


I used to sport a very short bob and I was thinking of getting a bob this year for a mod look but seeing that Mr. Assimo has beaten me to it, well, uh, nevermind.


4 thoughts on “I cannot think of a blog topic

  1. Micah says:

    Michael V is a creative genius! I love his brand of humor. Not offensive at all and has no sexual connotations whatsoever. I hope other comedians will follow suit too. We don’t need any more of those slapstick comedy shows on TV


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