Is it his 19th Month?

Oh, man. Work has been hectic these days so I just found this entry in my draft box. I was supposed to upload this last April 17. Forgetful me strikes again.

Anyway, I’m losing track of how old Baby T is now. It could be his 18th month. He’s still the same, energetic little bundle that he is. He’s got about a dozen teeth now. Most of them just sprouted without us noticing because he was never fussy or irritable about them. He just woke up one day and we just woke up one day and there he was with lots of teeth.

My mom has been cutting his hair. Now, he looks like he’s wearing a tight Kevlar helmet. I miss his long hair with the flyaways but it’s the height of summer, it’s burning hot, the hair gets in his eyes, and he gets mistaken for a girl too often.

His latest amusements?

– loves stomping his feet like some baby giant. He is attempting to jump but he still can’t lift both his feet at the same time. His version of jumping is bending his knees, straightening them up, puffing his chest out and lifting his head.

– loves climbing stairs, chairs, and tables. Almost gave me a heart attack once but, I’ve gotten used to it and he’s gotten better at it so I’ve learned to just ignore him. When he reaches the top of the table, he would smile triumphantly and do his own version of a shimmy.

Baby on table

-loves to turn, turn, turn.

-likes to stack, assemble, disassemble, shuffle, hurl matryoshka dolls.  For some reason, he likes seeing stuff and toys cluttered all around him.

Matryoshka dolls

-likes to put his toys on his mini chair and pushes the chair around, like it’s a stroller or a shopping cart.

baby and stuffed toys on chair

“Adadada” is daddy, “mmmm” is cow, “eg” is egg, “agnga” are the Angry Birds. Me? I’m “heyheyhey”.


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