DIY: Studded Sheer Blouse

I know, I’m so many seasons behind. But I’m neither a trendsetter or a trend follower.  I’m a late bloomer.

I bought these cookie cutter sheer blouses in Greenhills for 3 for Php1000. 

Sheer collared blouses

Nice, but, like I said, sooo cookie cutter.  Luckily I have these studs which I removed from an old pair of Zara ankle boots a few months back.

metal/plastic studs

We had some good times, those boots and I, but I kept them hidden away for a few months and when I took them out again, I was faced with a sad and haggard looking pair, with the leather all cracked and peeling. I finally put them to rest but not before removing these studs ( they have these pointy fasteners at the back so all I had to do was press these down on the collars, fold them inwards so I won’t get pricked, to attach).

Dark blue sheer blouse + studs = still a few seasons behind but well, I needed something to do.


Studded sheer blouse

I had to hurry because the Little Creature was breathing down my neck, that’s why some of the studs were skewed. I had to attach them quickly before he snatches them away and steps on them. Or worse, swallows them. But it’s just easy to re-fasten them so I’ll probably do that one of these days.

The Test Drive. I wore the shirt last to work last week. No one admired it, no one asked about it (it seems as if everyone has a studded blouse in their closets these days, so mine is nothing special), but if someone does, it’s from Zara, I’ll say. Ehh, well, the studs anyway.

Studded sheer blouse

Rest in peace, my Zara booties. These acrylic studs will serve as a reminder of our good times together.


2 thoughts on “DIY: Studded Sheer Blouse

  1. sa saliw ng awit says:

    hello… the studs look good on the blouse, ahehe. why, you’re very patient with the DIY and all. btw, Zara clothes and shoes are usually splendid, haha. yon lang, pricey – one has to pay for style yata talaga. oh, well… your baby’s eyes took after yours? 😉 napansin lang… 🙂


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