Orchids in the Moonlight

— Written by guest ghost blogger grandfather in April 28 1992 for my grandma, when he was not yet a ghost of course.

No wonder I’ve been dreaming about my grandfather again. I can’t remember what the dreams were about, although I seem to recall, in one of my dreams my grandfather was wearing a reddish pinstripe suit. 

I wanted to post this last April 28, to commemorate my grandmother’s death anniversary but I forgot. Been forgetting a lot of things lately. He must have been trying to remind me. Sorry, lolo.


Orchids in the Moonlight

“She must have been beautiful and loving…” the young woman flower vendor timidly said, shyly looking at me.

Surprised, I asked, “Who?”

“Your wife, sir.”

The morning was pleasantly cool when I came out of the church after the first mass.

This was a Wednesday and on Wednesdays I always bought fresh orchids as a special homage at my wife’s tomb to which I make a pilgrimage and pray every morning after hearing mass.

For nearly three years now, I have been buying the orchids from the same young woman. In all that time, she never uttered a word to me even as I always, before paying her, quip: “Wala na bang tawad?” (Is this the last price?”)

It was therefore a big surprise when on this morning she addressed me to say, “She must have been beautiful and loving…”

Yes, my wife was beautiful and loving.

After paying her I started my way to the cemetery behind the church. Suddenly, a though struck me and I returned to the flower vendor. I asked her, “Don’t you ever wonder why I always buy only orchids and not your beautiful red roses and other flowers?”

Without waiting for her reply, I continued, “you seen, in my time, rock music was unheard of. We young lovers and sweethearts then sang and danced to the tune of waltzes like “Ramona”, “In a Little Spanish Town”, “Chapel on the Hills”, “Lambingan” (Affection), and “Orchids in the Moonlight” among others. And can you guess what my wife’s and my favorite was?

Leaving the young woman still looking bemused, I resumed my walk to the cemetery, with the orchids in my hand, humming:

“When orchids bloom in the moonlight

And Lovers vow to be true,

I can still dream of the moonlight

Of one dear night that we knew.

When orchids…. Moonlight,

Dear night….”


3 thoughts on “Orchids in the Moonlight

    • Alias M. says:

      yeah, they do. hahaha, hindi niya lang ininclude sa kanyang mga kasulatan na he was kinda babaero then. Chikboy ang dating!


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