From out of space… a warning!

Aerosmith The Global Warming World Tour May 8, 2013 @ the Mall of Asia


We sat all the way to the back, way up at the General Admission at the 5th level. We were too cheap to buy non-GA tickets.

Aerosmith in Manila

If it weren’t for my telephoto lens which I managed to sneak in by putting it under piles and piles of cosmetics in my backpack (seeing all those makeup sticks and pots must have been so tedious for the security guard.), Steven Tyler would just be one feathery little blue and silver glitter.

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry

I thought I knew a lot of Aerosmith songs.

I found out that night that I didn’t. I knew about 8, but I’m just happy they performed Living on the Edge, which is my  most favorite and the most memorable. Hearing it always reminds me of high school and the good ol’ times when my friends and I were crushing on Edward Furlong (whatever happened to him?). Aerosmith had the coolest videos back then. I even had girly crushes on Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler in the Crazy vid – different in looks yet equally gorgeous.

I did enjoy this pop artsy part, whatever it was they sung. Cool nail polish!


Aerosmith in Manila

Aerosmith in Manila 2013

Aerosmith in Manila


AAAAAAHHHHH!!! Steven and his larger than life mouth.Steven Tyler

Aerosmith in Manila

It was fun watching Steven’s crazy antics on stage.

I wonder why there were some ladies in sexy, tight clothing inside the audience barrier on the other side of the stage (sorry, guys, no one around on this side). Were they part of the show or handpicked from the audience for Steve’s viewing (hey, Steve, look at all these pretty ladies in Manila – although they looked like foreigners). Groupies?

Aerosmith on the piano

Steven Tyler in Manila

No more big mouth.

Aerosmith in Manila


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