Edsa Peace Mural

Vandals, this is your chance to turn your vandalizing into something meaningful!

Longest Peace Mural in Edsa

In an effort to set the world record for the longest peace mural, soldiers and civilians worked hand in hand to paint the Camp Aguinaldo wall which stretches 4 kilometers along the Edsa Highway.

longest peace mural in Edsa

The first leg of the painting began during the last weekend of May and the third and last leg will be on June 8 and 15. Hubby and I joined the  second leg on June 1. We’re planning to join the third leg on June 8, hopefully with more of our volunteer friends.

Project Edsa

The project aims to boost awareness and promote peace.  (Moi in front of the headless rebel and solider)

longest peace mural

I am not sure how a 4 kilometer mural could effectively convey a message of peace to the rebel forces. The real purpose of the project, I’m sure, is to put the country’s name in the pages of the Guinesss World Record.

Just another thought: how long will the paints last, considering that it is along the highly polluted roads of Edsa? But anyhoo, I’m in.

longest peace mural

Seeing people working together is nice.

longest peace mural

Some of the images were really cool, like those above and this one below:

Edsa Peace Mural

Some were, well, as the military lingo goes, felt “complied” – like they were just there as “fillers”, to cover the wall with meaningless paint.

Like mine.

Edsa Peace Mural

How are those swirls even related to peace?

Well, there were supposedly artists roaming around to oversee the paintings but they weren’t around when I was. I got tired of loitering and waiting for instructions which didn’t come.  No one even told me off while I did the gray swirls. In fact someone even colored in the yellow and the blue! I give the organizers and planners 5 stars for a project that’s cool and 1 star for organizing and planning that sucked.

Painting was surprisingly therapeutic.  It gave my little gray cells a chance to sit back and relax and just go with the flow. No heavy thinking involved. I just had these little swirlies inside my head.

For those who are still interested to paint more swirls, I mean to be part of this historic event, check out the Project Edsa FB page: https://www.facebook.com/ProjectEdsa

Project Edsa




5 thoughts on “Edsa Peace Mural

    • Alias M. says:

      ayan sis, nakulayan na namin yung walls ng office niyo. Until when are you gone? meron pa yata this weekend. I’m not sure if natapos na yung White Plains side.


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