The Little Creature’s Own Mural

Speaking of walls (everything seems to be about walls this month) this little toddler doodler who is fast approaching his second year on the planet and who now clearly has a mind of his own, has decided to decorate our bedroom walls.

Toddler Doodle

Why not? His baby brain filled with cartoons and vivid colors must have taken offense against the stark plain white walls around him.

Baby doodles

We bought flipchart papers and taped them on the walls so he could stop taking interest on the walls themselves and draw on the papers instead. Who ever said that this was a good idea? Sure, he would draw on the papers but his artwork would still extend to the wall. After a while when the paper is filled with colors, he’d tear portions and draw underneath.

Baby's mural

Look at him go at it like a midget artist.

Toddler drawing

Helpless, that’s how we felt while he colored the walls with artwork only he could get. Even the walls of my parents’ house are now filled with doodles. Helpless, that’s how they also felt.

baby drawing

I guess we can just repaint the walls when he grows older and grows bored of doodling. (Oh look, he’s a leftie, too, like his parents)


3 thoughts on “The Little Creature’s Own Mural

    • Alias M. says:

      ay ok lang yan, lam mo naman di naman nagmamatter ang mga ganyan. it’s the tot that counts, no pun intended. haha


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