it’s ELEMENTARY, my dear Watson

I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve just read a couple or so of Sherlock Holmes stories. I am actually more familiar with films adaptations, derivatives and of course, spoofs. Before I watched “Elementary”, I thought Benedict Cumberbatch (BBC) was the coolest Sherlock Holmes ever!!!, even way coolest-er than hottie Robert Downey, Jr. I was so ready to reject everyone else as Sherlock (just as I am so ready to reject anyone else as Hercule Poirot other than David Suchet) but I am glad that I actually enjoyed watching this modern take on Sherlock Holmes.  Lucy Liu is so purty but I had initially thought that she was miscast as Dr. Joan Watson. The series may have started with a blehh chemistry between her and Jonny Lee Miller, but fortunately, the series picked up after a few episodes. Somewhere along the way, maybe sometime between the 6th and 10th episodes, they started being funny. Took a mighty long time! 

The formula for most series these days? Guy + gal = love/hate relationship = sexual tension. Don’t get me wrong, when done correctly, I love seeing the formula. Who doesn’t? But somehow, the platonic relationship between Holmes and Watson works.  And just when I was wondering when the mysterious Moriarty will make HIS (oh sad, I saw a spoiler) appearance… poof! There’s the mysterious M. Well, the Professor still hasn’t made HIS appearance, but HIS presence has been felt. I haven’t watched all episodes, I found out who HE is now though. Sad.

+++: Jonny Lee Miller is a treat to watch as Sherlock . I thought he was mildly irritating as Jordan Chase in Dexter but he is just way cool in the series. Most of the time, I forget that he’s Sherlock (I’d be reminded when Joan would say his name), which may be a bad thing because he’s supposed to portray the character, but which is also a good thing because he seems to have created a totally different, totally unique character.

Cumberbatch’s Sherlock is Sherlock, but Miller’s Sherlock is an entirely new and an equally brilliant character.

I’ve just finished Episode 15 of Season 1 and I can’t wait to watch the rest. Still sulking about finding out who Moriarty is.


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