… and so the power struggle begins

I really have lost track of how many months old the little creature is. All I know is that he is fast approaching the terrible twos. He’s quite advanced for his age, actually. He’s not yet two but he’s terrible already, acting all cute and bratty and bossy… hmph. When he’s in a good mood, he’s just the sweetest baby ever, with all those random hugs and kisses and peals of laughter. When he’s in a bad mood, well, Baby Hyde comes out.

On most nights, the one thing that could put him to sleep is his dada’s iPad. He loves to watch Pocoyo and Masha and other cartoon clips. We start at 8pm and end at 9. Usually, there would be some minor whining and crying after we turn off the iPad. Then he’d fall asleep. Last night, when we had finished watching Despicable Me 2, the drama began… and went on… and on… and on. On the bed, he cried and whined and complained and turned and tumbled. Ignoring him was a trial, especially for dada. But it worked! …only after 30 minutes or so.

Ignoring him usually works, during his drama moments, but his dada and his grandparents and even his nanny, are putty in his hands, which renders my ignoring tactics useless.

Look at that. “Dada, Mam-ma, you’re the best parents in the world! Thanks for giving me this pool! Soooh happeh!”

Baby swimming

And then that. When he doesn’t get what he wants: “Dadahh! Mam-mahh! You’re the meanest, baddest parents in the world! Throw me back into the pool!” If I weren’t around to play bad cop momma, dada would have just done so.

Baby crying

At least he calls me “mam-ma” now, quite a promotion from the previous “heyheyhey”.


4 thoughts on “… and so the power struggle begins

    • Alias M. says:

      I know. sometimes I feel like we’re ineffective parents. I really try to be hard-hearted but sometimes, it’s so hard not to give in to whatever the baby wants!


    • Alias M. says:

      yaiks! hahaha. I know, I feel helpless when the tantrums begin, but fortunately, the happy moments still prevail. For now anyway 🙂


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