An Excerpt from the Diary of the Crazy Woman Creature Who Talks to Herself

 This crazy woman creature once said: “well, how annoying and exasperating. He just always seem to be there by my side. He is everywhere! He is like a shadow that just would not disappear even if you have already turned on all the lights. He intrudes on my personal space, my innermost thoughts.  My meditative moments alone, which I always held sacred and treasured, have been sacrilegiously interrupted!”  The crazy woman creature threw up her hands and rolled her eyes in front of the mirror.

“Besides, if I were to fall in love, where were the fireworks?  The ballistic missiles?  When do I reach cloud nine?” 

The crazy woman creature continued to blah-blah:  “I tried to avoid it. He just was not included in my plans!  I was surprised. I was scared!  Scared to lose myself…scared that I do not deserve his emotions…scared that I won’t be able to match the tremendous love that he was offering me, which was of course, also very surprising, considering how we barely knew each other then.”

Then the wise GURU appeared in the reflection, wearing a feathered wisdom cap, said to the crazy lady, “the call to love is inherent and real.  It is part of our humanity, to respond to love that is freely given.”

Duh, what? Obviously the crazy woman creature had never owned a wisdom cap.  A feathered one at that.

But in time, the friendship between the crazy woman creature and the intruder she was referring to grew deeper. Their time together became moments to be treasured. Each glance and every spoken word were cherished.  Each trivial matter concerning each other became precious.

And then the GURU was back in the reflection… and said more:  “We can never turn away from our nature – that is to love.  No matter what our head says, the decision to love lies in the heart.”


“Love is not about fireworks or teeny hearts flying around your head,” GURU said.  “Love is not about racing pulses, cardiac arrests, or even raging hormones.  You cannot begin to suddenly feel it out of the blue.”

My Grrrr… where do you even get these cheesy quotes?!?!

GURU further upsets the crazy woman creature with a quote by Erich Segal — “True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights”.

“Love is an emotion that is fragile especially in its initial stages.  It needs nurturing and caring so that it may grow stronger.  It is a gradual, developing process that is never-ending.”

The irritating GURU-B**CH who is crazier than the crazy woman creature with her silly cap goads. “Admit it, you have fallen in love. Fall, fall, fall. And you have yet to reach the ground.  I know you don’t like it, and you don’t want to admit it. But it’s there already. So accept it.” She continued smugly.

Oh, go ahead and make like a banana and split!

 March 29-31 2002


GURU-B**CH was right after all. Crazy Woman Creature ended up being married to the intruder.



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