Food Tripping in Singapore (and Malaysia)

July 17-22 2013

It was my second time in Singapore but for some reason, I seemed to have blocked out my first trip to Singapore in 2008 from my mind. I barely remember anything. Must be the stress.

Eat, eat, eat… That’s all we ever did. Hubby and I didn’t gain a single pound though, because walk, walk, walk, that’s all we ever did after all the munching and crunching.

Day 1:

Lunch at the Lucky Plaza Food Court. Lucky Plaza, where the Filipinos hang out. Late lunch: Beef Fried Rice and Something Something noodles.

Beef Fried Rice and Something Something noodles


Shopping, shopping, shopping, but just for cheap stuff (hard to find cheap stuff in SG though).  I was eyeing this red patent leather Gucci bag.  Hubby ignored my hints so I went straight to the point and asked him to buy the bag because I should get a gift for getting pregnant. Still got ignored. For one stupid moment, I kind of considered buying it, but, thankfully, I came to my senses.  That was probably the most ludicrous thought I had ever had in my life. At least I got to stroke a genuine Gucci bag.

The great Zara, Bershka, Stradivarius, H&M sale!

shopping in Bershka Singapore

Dinner: Hainanese chicken and something something veggies. I don’t know where we were. Hubby just brought me to that resto because he was craving for Hainanese chicken. I found it somewhat bland.

Hainanese chicken

Day 2: a half day trip to Malaysia! It took us about 2 SGD to go to Johor Bahru, cheaper than an MRT ride to the Orchard Road. We stayed in Sembawang, SG with Hubby’s cousin, and we were quite near Malaysia.

The vacay won’t be complete without a Starbucks coffee. Cocoa cappucino… how come we don’t have that back home?

Starbucks Malaysia

Lunch at the Johor Bahru City Square: Sambal Something something. We love spicy food!

Sambal House Johor

Spent sometime at the City Square Mall. We didn’t go anywhere else. We just wanted our passports stamped.

On the way back to SG: PM snack: Durian mousse! Yummy! If you like Durian. I like Durian even if it stinks. Most people I know hate it. My dad would have thought he had died and gone to heaven had he seen this.


Late afternoon at the Sands. the LV Island.

LV at the Sands

SG at night on top of that ship-like structure at the Sands

The Sands

Late Dinner at the Sun Plaza. Porridge


Day 3. Brunch at the Lucky Plaza. Duck

Lucky Plaza


Dessert: Durian Mcflurry at McDonald’s. A must-try.

Durian McFlurry

We went to Sentosa after the McFlurry. No pic available.  We were both kind of bone tired. I even fell asleep on one of the plush seats at the hotel lobbies.

Late afternoon snacks: Burgers at Mo’s, Bugis

Mo's Burgers

Late Dinner: Boodlefight! We bought these supercheap take outs so we can afford the cherries.

boodlefight with cherries

Day 4: Late breakfast again at the Lucky Plaza. Food is cheaper at the Lucky Plaza.


Late afternoon snack: Burgers at Krazy Burgers at the Sands.  Obviously, we can’t live without burgers. Plus, we couldn’t think of anything else to do so we went back to the Sands.

Dinner at a Singaporean Hawkers with Hubby’s cousins. Yum. We had chicken and veggies and stingray and those exotic shells called Gong-gong. Yum!

Singapore Hawkers

Day 5. Bye bye SG. I will miss your pollution-free air and your efficient transportation system.  SG MRT, I will always love you!


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