The Little Creature #2 at 10 weeks and 6 days

… and so another countdown begins.

I had my checkup last Saturday and I’m glad to hear that all is well despite the Little Creature #1 constantly using my tummy and back as some rodeo machine. I thought #2’s head would show up flat, but there it is looking like some healthy alienvoodoomarshmallow doll.

10wk6days fetus

There it is snuggling comfortably inside me. Looks weird but doc said that it was healthy so yeah, great.

10wk6days fetus


And the mommy’s health? Glad to say that all is well as well. Still a bit underweight but not as underweight as the first time. I’m not yet experiencing any pregnancy woes but the itching on my tummy is starting. At least I have recovered from that phase when staying awake was an ordeal; when every nook and cranny at work looked cozy and I had to resist crawling and curling in them. I could almost fall flat on my face and sleep on the carpeted hallway.


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