Die, Mamma, Die

There was a point in his itty bitty baby life when the Little Creature #1 could already pronounce “B” (Oh, such proud parents we were. The “B”! What an achievement!), but then he probably has decided that he didn’t like “B” so he dropped it and replaced it with a “G” and a “D”.  “Bibi” which used to mean “Baby” is now “Geygi”.

He’d still wave buhbye but now, instead of “bye”, he’d  say “dhaaay” to everyone.  “Die!!!” He’d say in his ever so sweet baby voice to everyone.

“Die, mamma, die.” “Die, dada, die.”

 Are you my little Dexter Morgan?

He doesn’t mean what it means, of course (or maybe he does! Who knows what is going on in that baby brain of his.), but I thought it felt a little premature and that I wouldn’t be hearing those words until he turns into a pockmarked teenage creaturemonsterbrute bursting with angst shrieking the same words.

Oh well, kids, they just grow up too fast.


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