My Baby’s Face…

although it is sweet (that is, when he’s in the mood) … is not a foot spa!

I hear so many comments from super moms saying that their babies’ or kids’ smiles or giggles or laughter or whatever could eliminate their stress and fatigue in pronto – makes me think of being in a spa. I’ve seen so many FB posts about it, too.

— which leaves me wondering…after almost two years of being a mom, am I still ill-equipped with the right mommy tools and instinct that all the rest of the mommies in the world have? How come I don’t feel that way at all?

Don’t get me wrong. My heart dances whenever my little creature laughs like crazy, or whenever he does funny, absurd little things that only babies and toddlers could get away with. But to be honest? His laughter, although I find it to be the cutest and the best thing I’ve ever heard, does nothing to drain away the exhaustion I’ve been feeling these days. If anything, just watching him in a flurry of toddler activities (it’s like I’m watching 5 toddlers in a mad dash instead of one) is quite energy sapping. I want a real foot spa!


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