Passenger #2 is a…


I was hoping for a little Masha this time, but, noooo, oh, noooo. The little kicker’s got a little dingle! (It’s going to be dingle bells, dingle bells, dingle all the way at home).  Of course, the Dada is just so pleased about it.

Here he is at 19 weeks and 3 days. Doc says he looks like a week bigger. She just couldn’t resist putting that arrow.

baby ultrasound

Here’s the creepy ultrasound close up again.

baby ultrasound

Here he is dancing or something. Doc says that he seems even more energetic and bouncier than Little Creature #1, if that is even possible.  Between Little Creature #1 who is such a  ball of energy (and mischief) and this little guy, I don’t know how we will be able manage next year. Good luck to us.

baby ultrasound



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