“Woarr!? Woarr!?” my little creature would say in an ascending tone of voice and point to something at the dining table at my parents’ house. I thought he wanted a drink and he just had this twang-y way of saying “water”.

Actually, he was pointing to the TV remote control. He wants his latest favorite thing to watch while eating at my parents’ home to be on screen: Katy Perry’s music video, “Roar”. Gone were the days when the only way we could get him to eat was to watch Mr. Squarepants and his friends under the sea.

(watch the vid and drool over Katy)


a.    He is growing up too fast and is now crushing on the scantily clad, hot and well-endowed Katy.

b.    Those curvy, bouncy things on Katy’s chest somehow reminds him of the good old days when getting a glimpse of one signaled mealtime (errr…sad to say, his mama’s weren’t so soft and bouncy but rock-solid, like Arnold Schwarzewhatever’s at the height of his muscle popping career).

c.    He wants to be Katy Perry when he grows up (yaiks, says dada).

Maybe not.

I just find it kind of amusing that of all the music videos, he is fancying this one. It isn’t by chance though. My dad had it downloaded (he likes watching music videos. Sometimes we’d watch downloaded videos of the concerts of Celine Dion or J. Lo throughout dinner).  “Roar” happened to be in a jungle setting and all the animals that the little one is currently loving and mimicking have cameo roles: the elephant, the snake, and the tiger (Yup he likes to watch Disney’s “Jungle Book” as well, which, if I recall the stories correctly, was the first movie I watched inside a theater when I was probably 3 years old).

Now, we too, are unable to dine without hearing Katy “roaring [louder, louder than a lion]” many, many times. Each mealtime would mean about 5 views of the video, until the little creature’s last bite.

Dada (and maybe my dad) probably just blocks out the audio and is just content to watch Katy frolic and bathe with the animals. Me? Well, sure, the tune’s quite catchy and the lyrics are empowering, but seeing the barely clothed Katy so many times just makes me think that the saying that all [wo]men are created equal is just plain baloney. It’s not fair for someone to be that hot.


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