I’d cover the whole house with foams if I can. The overprotective dada would layer more foams on my foams if he can. 

But since we don’t have the time or the $$$ for that, (and we kinda just stopped thinking about it because, well, life, like the floors and tables, is tough, baby, so, learn the hard way. But I know we have to start thinking about it again for the coming of the second little one) we just covered the electric sockets with cheap but effective plastic plugs which one could only remove with matching plastic keys (the little creature would sometimes test our patience and tinker with the plastic plugs while looking sideways at us),

…used foam stoppers for the door so he won’t lock himself in and so that the door won’t accidentally slam on his face or fingers in case of a sudden blast of wind,

…and removed the bed frame and placed the mattress on the floor Japanese style so that while dada and I are off to dreamland, we won’t have to worry about the little creature falling from a very high bed. He did fall from the mattress twice since then, and we were awakened by an irritated cry. He wasn’t hurt. He was just mad because his sleep got interrupted by his fall.

No matter what we do, though, the day is never complete without him getting a scratch or a bruise (or an ‘ouch’). It used to irk me, seeing those bruises, but I understand now. It is part of toddlerhood. His fresh, plump, collagen-filled skin (I envy!) will never be flawless unless we put him in some hazmat suit.  

In addition, with all the horse-playing he loves to do these days especially with his parents, he’d almost always hit his head on my knobby knees or elbows. Most of the time, when I’m lying down, he’d jump on me (specifically on my very pregnant tummy) complete with a yell that may be his own babbling toddler version of “Geronimo!” and then he’d roll off and he’d hit his head on my head or elbow. I’ve even accidentally poked his eyes several times already. Sometimes I’d end up with minor injuries as well – scratch marks, bite marks, pinch marks, a couple of bruises on the bridge of my nose where he’d hit his head which oddly made me sneeze…

So, how does one baby-proof a mom? Am I supposed to wear some foam suit now?

Moreover, how does one mommy-proof a toddler?!?! Or daddy-proof him for that matter (dada is also starting to complain)  Someday, I have a feeling that one of us will seriously get hurt.


3 thoughts on “Baby-proofing

  1. mogispie says:

    There’s no way to completely be safe, best to be vigilent but theres only so much we can do. If you find a mommy proof please tell me cos I’ve gotten head-butted too many times to count lol. Enjoy xxx


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