D-I-Y Toy Parking Lot

The Little Creature loves to align all his toy cars. Not the rest of his toys. Just his toy cars. And not just simply toy cars. They all have to be the cars from Disney’s Cars (dada loves to indulge him with such toys), and they all have to face the same direction. I found it funny that he got a little irked when I experimented and tried to ruin his as precise as the military alignment by turning a couple of cars in the opposite direction. He made a crabby sound, pushed my hand away, and realigned his cars.

Toddler aligning cars

nice baby arty background!

This is a normal, developmental stage for toddlers and not some scary disorder (so say the googled sites) so there is no reason to worry yet. It’s not like he’d throw a theatrical, unstoppable tantrum. Of course, I did a little research about it. I don’t show it much but I do get anxious sometimes.

How sad to let such attention to organization go to waste. There’s got to be a way to further develop this skill before he outgrows it and turns into someone  like his topsy-turvy, all-over-the-place mom. Hmm… why not get a parking garage for his toys? Maybe it could help. Unfortunately, we could not find the garage I had in mind even after several trips to different toy stores. Sure, we saw a couple or so but the garage could only fit a few cars.

Fine. Takara Tomy, Hotwheels and Matchbox don’t sell such things? We’ll make our own teeny garage then and patent it.  I googled a few DIY designs for some ideas and there were lots of nice ones but I still could not find what I had in mind.

So off we went to National Bookstore to look around at the supplies which was a good thing because it gave me the idea.

I saw this large gift box and I thought, why not push the envelope a little bit more and make something with a dual purpose? A toy garage slash storage box! We purchased illustration boards to harden the base and adhesives. So cheap!

DIY toy garage

And who better to execute my super-duper great idea? The poor dada who had no idea what he was in for. Well, he is a great craftsman especially since he has this great attention to detail and symmetry, a trait which the Little Creature probably inherited with all the aligning of his cars that he does these days. If only dada would find more time for crafts. If it were me who’d actually do the project, the garage would most likely turn out to be some abstract thing with crooked lines. So, me, I just conceptualized, sat back, and relaxed as the Dada built my idea.

Really, the poor dada didn’t know what he was in for when he agreed to be the contractor/engineer/architect for the parking lot. It took him about two hours to complete the project. It could have taken him less if the Little Creature stopped barging in.

cardboard toy parking lot

He somehow knew that we were making a garage for his toys so while dada was in the process of making it, he would already put his cars in the box.

cardboard parking lot


See how the white lines are so straight and had almost uniform spaces in between? That’s how precise Dada could be. He did not even use a ruler!

Here’s how the parking lot looks like as a storage box (Cars stickers from Divisoria). Dada’s thinking of making the underside of the box an airstrip.

cardboard parking lot/storage box

The gift box is a little flimsy though. It’s not going to hold up for a long time. But for now, this will definitely do. Maybe we can do something more durable in the future if the Little Creature really likes it.

Here’s hoping the Little Creature wouldn’t start acting and pretending to be some dinosaur (one of his latest interests as well) and squash the parking lot and waste all of dada’s effort.

Next D-I-Y Project? Giant paper mache container eggs of course. The Little C is crazy about plastic eggs, especially those with surprise tiny toys inside which we could get from those dispensers/machines found at toy stores and arcades. He saw them in You Tube a few weeks ago and he’s been in love with eggs ever since. I don’t know if he will like a giant paper mache egg but it’s an excuse for me to have something to work on during the weekends (to reduce my time for Doctor Who before I get overly overly obsessed).


2 thoughts on “D-I-Y Toy Parking Lot

  1. Lily Hana Chan says:

    Hey! I’ve been reading your blog for quite sometime now but its the first time I’m posting a comment. I really enjoy reading your tales about mommy-hood even though I’m still a college student, (and i have no plans of having a kid soon ahahahhaa). I wish you all the best and luck for your baby number 2! 😀


    • Alias M. says:

      thank you so much 🙂 like all our elders would say, complete your studies first before moving on to even greater responsibilities 🙂


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