Little Creature #1, Our Little Paleontologist

I still do not know a much about babies and toddlers. I actually didn’t like them before. I thought they were just pint-sized snot faces who bounce and run around all day with the sole purpose of making their parents crazy. There was a time when I felt like I was pushed into the mommyhood thing and I had no choice but to do the necessary and the expected (like loving the baby, tsk, tsk). A grouchy witch who disliked children, that was what I used to be.

I never really had any expectations about how my own Little Creature would turn out to be other than an unruly little one. Obviously, I am so right about that part. But I have come to learn that he is more than that. I never knew the world of a toddler could be so fascinating to witness.

In his eyes, the world is a huge, huge ball of knowledge and exciting things…so many things to learn, so many places to see, so many chowchows to taste… It is so inspiring to see him so captivated by everything he sees.  He is growing to be imaginative, too. I know all kids are but I wasn’t expecting him to be developing such imagination this quickly. He has learned how to play-act and he keeps us guessing which cartoon or movie character he is impersonating everyday.

Just like any other little boy, he’s made of frogs and snails and puppy dogs’ tails and he has been fascinated with cars and trucks and airplanes and trains and animals and eggs and Elmo and his friends and cartoons.

Recently, he has discovered the world of the great and gigantuanormous dinosaurs (he now loves to watch the Jurassic Park Trilogy every night before bedtime). Just like how my brother used to be before he decided that scale model navy ships were his true passion. We used to have all these books about dinosaurs and prehistoric animals back then. They weren’t as pretty as Barbie and the Korean dolls that my dad brought home for my sister and me but the names sounded fancy and it made me feel high and mighty-smarty-pantsy to be able to pronounce and spell them.  Even I couldn’t help but learn a thing or two.

The little one, of course, does not know the facts about them yet but for someone at that age, it is quite a delightful surprise that he is able to distinguish which is which gigantuanormousaurus so easily. I thought he wouldn’t develop such interest in the creatures until he’s 5 or so. Makes his parents proud!

These days, it is very difficult to find good quality toys at affordable prices, so it was so cool to find out that my brother’s brontosaurus (back in the days of the Dino Riders), still exists and is still in good condition.

Dino Riders Brontosaurus

It’s too bad that we couldn’t find the armor and the teeny action figures that came with it anymore. I found out on eBay that the complete set now costs around 1000USD! I guess with all the renovating and the moving we did many years ago, the carpenters couldn’t resist taking our toys. Even the headless Barbie dolls weren’t spared. We did find a Pteranodon from the Dino Riders line. Maybe the looters thought it was too weird to take.

Last weekend, I left hubby and the Little Creature at the Toy Kingdom for barely an hour with a solemn promise from dear hubby that he will not be splurging on any more toys for his dear little son, but oh, how easy it was to break his promise when they came across the shelf filled with figures of wild animals and dinosaurs manufactured by Schleich. My bad cop grimace, especially after seeing the prices of the figurines, did nothing to prevent hubby from buying four dinosaurs, and the Little Creature from rearranging the shelves and playing with the figurines.

So now, dear hubby ended up thousands of pesos poorer (yet again) at the end of the day. The juicer that we were planning to get turned into these (I guess I could just use these to pound on the fruits. They look durable enough):

The Brachiosaurus

Schleich Brachiosaurus

The Apatosaurus (kitty not included)

Schleich Apatosaurus

Of course, the growing collection is not limited to the long-necked veggiesauruses.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Spinosaurus. I thought the spino pales in comparison to the t-rex. Oh, my poor teeny kewpie doll 😦

Schleich Tyrannosaurus Rex and Spinosaurus

(note: all dinosaurs are welcome in our home except Barney the t-rex with a brontosaurus face and his friends. He can’t be the result of the two dinosaurs’ passionate interaction. I don’t think they even lived in the same era.)

I have to admit, the details on those hand-painted figurines were amazing, the t-rex exceptionally beautiful. We haven’t shown the Schleich dinosaurs to the little one yet. They’re going to be Christmas gifts for him. Our house is quickly filling up with toys to be given to him this Christmas.

And with hubby’s easily buckling knees when it comes to the Little Creature, I expect that more and more toys will find their way into our home before the end of the year.


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