The Little Creature #2 at 28 Weeks (as of Nov 28)

Looking more and more like a human baby now. Doc S. says that this one is 2 weeks bigger than it is supposed to be. Yaiks! ETA is earlier than we initially thought. From Feb 20, Doc says that the little one may arrive not later than February 5.

Ultrasound 28 weeks

He smiled! (It  looks more like grimace, though)

ultrasound 28 weeks

It feels as if he is more active than Little Creature #1.  He seems to toss and turn all the time which keeps me up all night. To think that I haven’t been drinking that much coffee this time.

The Little Creature #1 seems to understand that there’s a baby inside me. Whenever we ask him where the baby is, he would lift my shirt ( thankfully, not in public yet), say hi to the “geygi” or “deydi”, wave to my tummy, and would even kiss my tummy. 

The Daddy Creature is just ecstatic that it is going to be another boy. He can’t wait for another playmate.

And what about the Mommy Creature? Well, my complaints during preggy #1 would be nothing compared to the complaints I have now. I can’t remember pregnancy #1 ever being this heavy. The bones in my lower back feel like they’re going to break!

I finally got around to taking some selfies. Forget about Daddy C taking my photos. He would just grumble and take blurry ones. I had a nice dress and makeup on for our company’s yearend party so I took some photos before washing the fake pregnancy glow off and turning back into the haggard preggy mom that I really am. These are probably my only preggy lookbook pics this time.

pregnancy at 29 weeks

pregnancy at 28 weeks

The fake glow, by the way, is courtesy of some products from Tony Moly that I have just started using last November. For the first time in my life, I have received several compliments about how nice my skin is these days. People think the glow is an effect of pregnancy. Faker pregnant mom! Gullible people!


7 thoughts on “The Little Creature #2 at 28 Weeks (as of Nov 28)

  1. kikaymommysha says:

    Oh wow! Congrats for having baby #2! I am so outdated! I didn’t know that you’re having another baby. Anyway, I’m so happy for you and your family! Another blessing to come! 🙂


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