More Pet Dinos

Barely a week has passed since his first dino purchase and Dada John Hammond has already completed the dinosaur set from Schleich for Little Creature #1! He just couldn’t resist empyting the Schleich shelves.

The triceratops is one of the Little Creature’s favorites.

triceratops Schleich

The Saichania (isn’t that an ankylosaurus?) looks like a durian fruit.

Saichania Schleich

I was a little disappointed with the carnotosaurus. It’s still pretty but I thought it would be as pretty as the t-rex (a pretty t-rex. That’s something new) Poor Mater!


 The Allosaurus and the Dilophosaur fighting over some dinosaur’s egg

Allosaurus and Dilophosaur Schleich

Giganotosaurus vs T-Rex and Triceratops

Giganotosaurus Schleich 

The Little Creature loves to ram the dinosaurs together, like the scenes from Jurassic Park and the documentaries that he has been watching lately. He’d say “Away! Away!” (“Fight! Fight!”).  He would then knock one dinosaur to its side and say, “…’tay!” (“Dead!”) and would sometimes follow it with a “wawa.” (“Poor thing.”). Yaiks, I know. The dino shows are a little violent for his age but it’s too late to stop him from watching them. Blame it on the grandfather. Anyway, my brother who liked dinosaurs at maybe that same age turned out well, so all is well. (Unless of course, he has a  Dexter Morgan-ish side we don’t know about.)

There are more tiny dinosaurs in our park now but I don’t really find them as interesting and as pretty as the big ones.


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