Project Lakbay Aral: The Las Farolas Tour

Ho, ho, ho! What a way to start off the Christmas month.

Last December 1, our dear friend Ciel, through Project Lakbay Aral, shared her usual happy blue thoughts to 62 underprivileged students by inviting them for a tour of the newly opened Las Farolas, a freshwater aquarium facility located in Frontera Verde, Ugong, Pasig City.

Project Lakbay Aral: Las Farolas Tour

Las Farolas  “showcases the rich biodiversity of aquatic resources, both the endemic and exotic, including the flora and the fauna that thrive in the freshwater environment.”

Thanks, Ciel, for inviting us to come along and for putting the Little Creature high up on cloud nine. 

Las Farolas Tour

His energy and thrill because of the exhibits and the many happy kids were boundless. 

Las Farolas Tour

Poor daddy huffed and puffed after the Little C. Thanks to my growing belly, I had an excuse to stay put or trudge along and watch in amusement as my two boys ran after each other.

Run, Dada, run!

Las Farolas Tour

Awww, he made a friend, awww…

Las Farolas Tour

Last year, on the first Lakbay Aral Tour at the Mind Museum, we were late and we went to the wrong Jollibee branch for lunch! Duh to me. Double Duh to Dada.


Yehey! We made it to the group photo this time!


Project Lakbay Aral: Las Farolas Tour

Pic courtesy of Ciel

As always, thank you, Ciel, for a wonderful, heartwarming day (although I felt kind of useless just standing by and watching all the kids scramble about). We can’t wait for your next project!


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