The Movie in His Mind

Little Creature #1 refuses to slow down.  He runs around, role plays, pretends that some raptor or t-rex is after him. What’s more, he has even drawn me and his Dada into the movie in his mind, which has me panting and huffing alongside him. We’d dart from one corner of our room to another, hide behind the door, and speak in urgent hush-hush tones to avoid being spotted by the imaginary t-rex that now seems to inhabit our home. He loves it when I press my hand against his mouth to “shut him up” so the t-rex will not hear him.   He would also lie on his tummy on the floor and slither backwards. Most likely, one of our imaginary pet raptors is pulling him back.

There are also times when he’d stroke my nose gently, like the way Julianne Moore as Dr. Sara Harding did when she touched the face of the baby stegosaurus in The Lost World.

I don’t know which I prefer, being cast as a sluggish dinosaur with a pea-size brain in his movie ( at least this doesn’t leave me panting), or as one of the central toughie characters who sprints and zooms alongside the equally toughie lead toddler character and survives dinosaur attacks.

I am not sure how to make him slow down a little bit. I get worried about his asthma. And with the baby bump getting heavier and heavier and heavier each day, each step brings additional pain to some part of my lower back that I didn’t know existed.

I can’t go on being chased by make-believe dinosaurs anymore! 

But it just does not feel right to refuse him, especially just when he’s starting to get really creative and imaginative.


Another belated effort of mine to lessen his TV viewing hours, was to buy some books, buy some art materials, and make him listen to music. Yeah, these all worked… for about 5 seconds. When I read to him, he would grab the book, turn the pages and then lose interest after a while. Drawing on our walls isn’t that exciting anymore. When I play music, he’d look around and stare eagerly at the TV expecting some visuals. Fine, if it’s TV you want, then TV it is.

I don’t want to force these non-TV related activities on him or he might end up hating them and hating me, but some downtime would really be appreciated!

Toddler in hamper

5 minutes in the hamper, that’s all I ask.


“They are not nice, they’re mostly noise
They munch on men, they chew the boys
I know there’s nothing in their heads
But every time I take one in my hands it starts


The movie in my mind
The gore they leave behind
A scene I can’t erase
A dino CGI’s my craze
Flee this life, flee this place.”

(Me doing a Weird Al Yancovic again. To be sung to the tune of The Movie in My Mind from Miss Saigon)


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