Hatching a Dinosaur Egg

I bought this dinosaur egg from a pre-Christmas bazaar in our office building about two weeks ago for Php50. I used to see a lot of these in Divisoria but I couldn’t think of a reason to buy one until recently, when our days and nights have become all about dinosaurs and eggs (and surprisingly, Mary Poppins).


The Little Creature #1 was getting a little impatient during the incubation period but after some explanation and a couple of youtube videos about hatching dino eggs, he actually understood that he had to wait for the egg to hatch.

Here’s how to hatch dinosaur eggs:

Day 1: December 19, 8:52am


Day 1: December 19, 10:04am. Egg looked lonely so the Little C#1 added some animals to keep the egg some company.


Day 1: December 19, 9:55pm. Egg has hatched! Snout of unidentified dino is peeking! Push, baby dino! Push!


Day 2: December 20, 6:33am. More and more dino parts showing. I thought it looked like those glow in the dark toys but it doesn’t glow.


Day 2: December 20, 9:24pm. After partying with his uncle. More egg parts have cracked. One leg is out!


Day 3: December 21, 8:30am. Looks like the dino won’t be growing any bigger. The little C#1 helped get it out of its shell.


Yey! We have just successfully hatched a baby stegosaurus!



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