A Merry Easter Christmas To All and To All a Good Year


Santa Claus got together with the Easter Bunny (meaning me and hubby) to bring a bunch of giant eggs over to our home a little earlier than usual. Anyway, both holidays are similar when we come right down to their Christian meaning which is the celebration of life: Christmas= birth of Christ; Easter= rebirth of Christ…

I am not sure who the Santa and the Bunny is between me and hubby (I’m probably Santa with my round belly that’s like a bowl full of jelly) but I am taking credit for masterminding this idea. The Little Creature#1 does love eggs, especially those that he watches in Youtube with little surprises in them. So we decided to put our gifts to him in eggs. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find giant plastic eggs to use for bigger gifts so we (really, this means “I”) decided to make our own paper mache egg containers. We have decided to forgo the egg hunt. Where were we supposed to hide these giant eggs?

Do-It-Yourself Giant Paper Mache Eggs

The materials for the initial preparation:

Old newspapers cut into thin, long strips

Cornstarch paste: I have no idea how the measurement for cornstarch and water was done. Hubby concocted it. I guess he made a guess. But as experience told us, a more runny cornstarch worked better. I added a pinch of salt to taste. Kidding. The salt, according to some websites, is for preventing mold.

Paintbrush: useful but I found that flattening the layers of paper with my fingers worked better.

Balloons: blow them up to the size you want the eggs to be. Then paste and layer on the strips of paper.

Warning: This is a messy project so you better spread around a lot of newspapers to cover the furniture! (Which hubby didn’t do the first time so my dad’s table got covered in ick. So we moved our work to the floor. Good thing that a lot of the materials are water based so the spatters were easy to remove.)


Layering with strips of newspapers. We found out that long, thin strips worked better than squarish ones. Less lumps that way.


Drying and sunbathing eggs in between layering. My, my, what big guavas the tree has. And what is that round thingie growing in my dad’s bougainvillea?


Layering white papers to lessen the use of base paint. Looks like we’re breeding aliens or something.


More alien eggs sunbathing. Am expecting Lt. Ellen Ripley to come out and destroy the eggs anytime now… powpowpow!


Coloring time. I used acrylic paint for the base and poster paints for designing the eggs. Hehe, a Tardis egg. I just couldn’t resist.


I had this ambitious idea of doing some elaborate Faberge egg-ish designs but we were running out of time. The easiest way I could think of was to do the old toothbrush/strainer spatter art.

Testing the spatter art on the store-bought plastic eggs wrapped in bond papers. Made me feel like I was back in grade school art class.


Hubby cut the giant eggs cross-wise all the way through, placed the gifts inside, and sealed the eggs with masking tape before I painted on the eggs.

The finished products on Christmas morning. As the Little Creature #1 likes to say these days, ta-da!


Of course, only Mother Nature (and Faberge) could make perfect eggs. Our eggs turned out to be lumpy and hubby blamed me for that, for not gluing the newspapers as flatly and as neatly as he would have liked. Well, we were under time constraint! We had to be done by Christmas morning! Anway, the Little Creature#1 doesn’t mind.


I thought we were going to make just two or three eggs. Out of the pack of 10 balloons that we bought, eight were “egg-ified” but two “hatched” prematurely. We were able to make six giant eggs in all.


What are inside? The usual thingies that little boys (and their dads) like.


It took us about five days to complete the project. Drying the eggs took up much of the time. We actually needed more time for the drying, maybe a couple more days but well, just like Santa’s little helpers, we had a deadline to meet.

The moment I had finished spattering on the last egg, the pain on my hands, shoulders, back, and legs started. Bad idea to work for hours on the floor, especially when pregnant. I’m still having a hard time moving until now.  It feels as if I actually laid the giant eggs myself!


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