The Waiting Game. ticktockticktockticktock…

Just when we had decided on the February 1 C-section date last Saturday during my checkup (February 1 is one of my fave actors Michael C. Hall’s birthday!), that night, I felt these stabbing pains going up my lady parts (heehee), as if I was being knifed inside. I had to resist yelping with each step. My tummy dropped a bit and I could suddenly feel a baby part, maybe a head, somewhere further south. I didn’t even realize a baby could go down that low without peeking out! I sent a text message to my OB and she prescribed me Duvadilan to relax the uterus. I am feeling much better now but she advised complete bedrest until February 1 lest I go through preterm labor. Now I’m on medical leave. I’m bored and I feel so useless. Hubby thinks I’m such a primadonna for making him run all over the house to do this and that and this and that… as if I conspired with my doctor to put me on bedrest or something.

I even have to hide from the Little Creature #1 because if he sees me, he’d start jumping on me, which is the last thing I need. My heart aches whenever I hear him laugh outside my hideout and know that I am not and cannot be part of that laughter right now. We still cosleep but I have to hide my tummy behind piles of pillows because he moves around and kicks a lot in his sleep.

I was just trying to make light of my increasingly difficult condition as I wait for my due date but now I kind of feel guilty for making this strip.

To make amends, here is a continuation of that strip — mommy’s way of saying sorry.

Mommy's just kidding!


I know Doc advised complete bedrest but I just couldn’t resist making more comic strips. Technically, I’m on bedrest. I’m on my back, on the bed, resting, with only my fingers doing some work on my laptop on my, of course, lap.  My situation is serious, I realize that, but like any typical Filipino, the one way to deal with such situations is through humor. If not, I’d just go crazy with worry.


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