Positive thinking and visualization during pregnancy

I have been reading articles online recently about ways to prevent pre-term labor, ever since my OB advised complete bedrest until Feb 1 because I might be at risk for one. Some say to drink wine as it relaxes the uterus, some say to be in “polar bear” position for a few minutes a day (be on all fours with the butt sticking up) to relieve the pressure on the cervix, and some talk about visualization and hypnobirthing which could also help prevent pre-term labor. Hypnobirthing is some sort of self-hypnosis and positive thinking in order to give birth the natural way, without the meds. The power of the mind is enough to make the pain go away. 

I believe that the mind can be a very powerful tool but mine isn’t THAT powerful and that just isn’t for me. When I think of undergoing a second C-section a few days from now, I want to burst into tears (oh dear God, the catheter!). It is hard to be in denial now (I was, these past few months) about the pain that I will have to go through again in a few days. The only part of the birthing process which I am looking forward to is experiencing once more the few hours of drugged blissful state I was in right after giving birth. So whatever it was they gave me, I want some more.

Anyway, I am definitely not ready for the pain yet and I am not done baking the Little Creature #2. So, aside from doing some “polar bear” positions (am not much of a wine drinker), I’ve also been visualizing and not trying to think of my situation too seriously.

pregnancy visualization and affirmation


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