4 Signs I May Be Losing my Femininity with this Pregnancy

I’ve been complaining of boredom a few days into my medical leave but after more than a week of staying at home, most of the time in bed staring at the clock, just waiting for my C-section date of February 1, I am starting to get used to it. Here is the opportunity to realize my ultimate dream of being a couch potato! Unfortunately, as the title of this post says, I think I’m turning into my husband!


#1:  I’ve been grunting and groaning and heaving every time I get out of bed, get into bed, get up from a chair, take a step, or move even for just a teeny bit. I wish I could claim that they sound like the sexy grunts coming from those hot tennis pros on the court but sadly, the primitive sounds coming out of me sound more like those made by huge, sweaty, oily-bodied muscle heads at the local gym. Of course I can’t see myself but with each sound and movement, I could feel my face scrunching into that tight, tortured expression of one who is seriously constipated, too.

#2: My brows are a mess and I don’t care.

#3: After living in hubby’s shirts and shorts for many days now, I have come to the point that I don’t ever want to get out of them anymore. I never knew they could be so comfy! Being a female (and smelling like one) just takes too much effort. Normally, I love dressing up, but for my check up the other day (Baby #2 is hanging on and looking healthy, by the way, which is wonderful), I had to force myself to spruce up a bit (and take a bath. Yeah, I know, gross).

And the ultimate sign…

#4: I was mistaken for a guy! True story:  Hubby drove me to a convenience store the other day. I was of course, in my signature big shirt and hubby jersey shorts (and trainers). When we parked in front of the store, the security guard opened the passenger door for me and then addressed me as “sir”. It must have been my getup because I know I wasn’t sporting a shadow beard. Weird, though. He didn’t even correct himself when I got out. Did he actually think that I was some underdeveloped guy with a beer belly?!?! I know I’m probably going to regret posting this picture later on but this is what I looked like.

pregnant at 37 weeks

Errrr, ok, so maybe I can’t entirely blame the guard for his mistake, with me looking like hubby’s drinking buddy. Anyway, I’ve got three more days to go and I’m ready to rock and pop and hopefully act like a girly mom again! Doc says I’m going to make it to the February 1 C-section schedule after all. What a relief.


2 thoughts on “4 Signs I May Be Losing my Femininity with this Pregnancy

    • Alias M. says:

      Ay hanggang dun lang sa mukha akong teenager na comment mo yun nabasa ko. Yun mga sumunod na words, blurry na sa paningin ko. Hahaha


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