It All Began with Mater

Meet “the world’s best backwards driver” and the Little Creature #1’s first ever toy, Mater.

Mater Tow Truck

Poor worn out Mater. Husband and I saw him by chance, looking lost and alone during our trip to the United States in June 2011, on one of the benches in Colonial Williamsburg. I was almost 5 months pregnant with the Little Creature #1 then. Some kid must have forgotten him. No one came back for him so we decided to give him a new home by giving him to the Little Crit. Then he was followed by Lightning McQueen. Then I don’t know which car followed next. Hubby decided to start a collection until I can’t keep track of the cars we now have.

Disney Cars and Planes toys

I don’t know when exactly it all began, maybe it was during the time when the Little Creature #1 started being a TV addict when he was between 6 -12 months old. Like the rest of the cartoons we’ve watched, there were times when we would watch Disney Cars 1 and 2 over and over again. Such was his love for the cartoons that our day wouldn’t have been complete without a couple of “trips” to Radiator Springs, Tokyo, and London for the World Grand Prix or without watching Mater’s Tall Tales..

We still have several Cars toys which we have not yet given to the Little Creature #1. As usual, we’ve placed some of the toys in plastic eggs which we wrapped in aluminum foil. We gave some to the Little Creature #1  when his little brother was born last February 1 and told him that they were gifts from his little brother.

Silver eggs surprise

The rest of the eggs, we will break in case of emergency! I don’t know what kind of emergency yet, maybe if the Little Creature #1 needs bribing. Or maybe if he needs to be rewarded for something cool that he did. Husband wants to give everything to him all at the same time. I’m the bad cop in our relationship and it was my idea to hold off on giving all the toys to our son at the same time. I don’t like showering our son with gifts especially for no reason at all. We’ll figure something out. Maybe we will need them for potty training.

Husband is now on a roll and is hoarding toys like crazy. He is such a sleepyhead. Whenever I ask him for help in putting our sons to sleep, he would fall asleep in seconds, leaving me and the little creatures still wide-eyed. But when it comes to bidding on the toy Cars on eBay, he could stay awake all night!

Husband’s excuse for purchasing so many toys: The Cars aren’t merely toys. They actually serve as tools for learning. The Little Creature #1 learned to organize and sort using them. The toys also help enhance the Little one’s memory. Some toddlers do the alphabet or count. Some memorize the flags or capitals of the different countries. Our Little Creature #1? He knows the characters of Cars 1 and 2 and Planes.

Cars 1, Cars 2, Planes Characters Roll Call

Version 1. Taken on February 15, 2014

Version 2. Taken on February 17, 2014


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