Mommy’s Little Triumphs

It has been a month of being a mother to a naughty toddler and an insatiable newborn and instead of complaining and being sarcastic, this time, I’d like to celebrate our triumphs and blessings.

1. Getting the Little Creatures to sleep at the same time gets crazy sometimes since the two seem to be following a different time zone but when it happens, it is pure bliss!

sleeping toddler and newborn: Tristan and Rohan

Last Thursday, banging my head against the wall hoping to black out seemed an easier way for some peace and quiet though.

While my mother, brother and sister were enjoying their vacay aboard some fancy cruise ship on a fancy Asian tour (I should have been with them!) and Husband was away at some convention for a couple of days, the Little Creature #1 chose that day, February 26, my birthday of all days, to be magnificently obnoxious. I thought the goddess of birthdays would at I’d at least grant me some breathing room since it was my birthday and all that but nooo! He was crying and screaming at his evil mother who was bullying him into taking a torturous afternoon nap. He got so upset that he vomited on me and on the bed. I also got upset because I felt so ineffective and it made me feel like a bully (and the vomit, ewww).  I wanted to take back what I said before in my previous post about him being smart and charming and funny. My pleas for him to calm down, which were unheeded, turned into harsh scolding, which were, as expected, also unheeded. I felt drained after more than an hour and I finally gave up my attempt at firm parenting and gave him a hug and said sorry for being so evil. He stopped crying and he fell asleep! He woke up after a couple of hours refreshed and as charming as ever, as if the theatrics earlier never happened.

2. Moments like these make me feel that I’m not all that bad as a mother.


Toddler and baby brother

The Little Creature #1 does love his little brother. I relish seeing his face light up whenever he looks at #2. He loves to touch, hug and kiss his baby brother and would sometimes try to snatch him away from me.

toddler and newborn: Tristan and Rohan

toddler and newborn: Tristan and Rohan

Tristan and Rohan

mother, toddler and newborn

There are times though, when he would go crazy with wanting to play with his brother and I feel bad when I have to keep him away because he might hurt him.

3. The Little Creature #2 is healthy so far. Aside from his jaundice which lessens each day due to his daily morning sunbaths, he is doing well.

Rohan Sebastian

He is always high on wonder breast milk, as his chipmunk cheeks show.

4. I didn’t have milk for about the first two days and when I finally did, expressing milk was painful and difficult like the first time. And like the first time, as the days flew by, pain decreases as the milk supply increases. In one month of obsessively pumping for milk while binge-watching Doctor Who, Newsroom, Broadchurch, Orphan Black, Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey Season 3, Boardwalk Empire Season 3, The Borgias Season 3, The Blacklist, Arrested Development, and Torchwood and binge-eating potato chips, kettle popcorn, chocolate and malt balls to keep me from falling asleep,  I’m starting to fill my parents’ freezer once more.

stored breastmilk

Now I have an adequate supply for both of my kiddos. Maybe I could even start donating milk to the hospital once more.

The Medela Swing Maxi pump which I bought a few weeks ago, is a big help. It is smaller and more convenient compared to my first pump. I’m just so tired, though. I’ve been pumping every 2-3 hours every day to increase my milk supply, and that means an hour of sleep or none at all in between. But I said at the start that I won’t complain so I will zip it and save it for another post.

Medela Swing Maxi

Cute, like a giant yellow Mentos candy.

5. Farts and burps by grown ups are gross but when the Little Creature #2 does them, they’re cute. Sometimes he’d fart nonstop for 5 long seconds and burp like a rude old man who just had a hearty, heavy meal! I feel victorious when I get him to burp like that because that would mean some good sleep ahead.

6. My recovery. I still feel a bit of pain somewhere in my torso especially when I sneeze or cough but two weeks after giving birth, I have almost deflated back to my original size and weight. Shopping isn’t limited to buying men’s shirts anymore! If only I could lose that wiggly potbelly that makes me look about two months preggy much more quickly. By next month’s, potbelly or not, I am going to squeeze myself into my skinny jeans!


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