D-I-Y Lightning McQueen

Here’s my Dad’s kooky version of Disney’s Lightning McQueen for his grandson:

Petron Porsche - Lightning McQueen



This is one of my Dad’s toy cars which was purchased from Petron last November 2013 during the “Grab a Porsche” Promo of the gas station.  For every Php1000 single-receipt purchase of fuel, the customer was entitled to buy one collectible Porsche toy car. There were five  car models in all. Even Husband has a collection of his own.

Petron Grab a Porsche Promo

Since our Little Creature #1 doesn’t really like toy cars without eyes on them, my dad decided to make a “Disney” version.  The Little Creature #1 wasn’t convinced so he had my Dad put in some teeth.

Lightning McQueen - Petron Porsche



There you go!

Lightning McQueen

I don’t think the Little Creature was all that convinced even after the teeth and all but he did like the car… at least for a short while! Then he started ripping off the tape and papers… and lost interest again.


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