The Little Creature #2 is two months old and is fast gaining weight! Just like his older brother, he is turning into one chubby little monkey! He is actually wearing his two-year-old brother’s clothes in these pictures!

2 month old baby


Gigil is a Filipino term that does not seem to have an English equivalent that could refer to that crazy-intense-grrrrr-oh-so-cute-I-just-want-to-squeeze-you-and-hug-you-and-put-you-in-my-pocket feeling.On the other hand, one could also be gigil-ing with anger — an anger that is so intense that makes one “grrrr” and growl and grit and grind one’s teeth.

Whenever the Little Creature #1 hears the word “cute” or sees something he thinks is cute and itty bitty, he would point to or say his brother’s name in a tender way. “Ro-han!” He would say. Then he would say, “gigil!!!”  I know he means the former definition. We have to keep little Rohan away from him though he feels so “gigil” that he would sometimes hug or squeeze Rohan’s arms or legs too tightly or kiss him heavily on the face.


toddler and baby


He does love to be involved in taking care of his little brother, like feeding him and throwing away his diapers.

toddler and baby


Sweet older brother, that’s what he is 🙂



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