An Icky Approach to Potty Training

The first time the Little Creature #1 saw the potty that we bought for him, this is what he did.

Potty Training



He would also put his toys inside.

So this is what we did:

*Warning: yucky thing ahead*


potty training



One of my brightest and yuckiest ideas yet.

Those are fake poops, of course. He had a good laugh and he finally understood what the potty was for when he saw them.  He still poops and pees in his diapers but a couple of times, he tells us or his nanny when he wants to go potty. At least my idea seems to work — a little bit.

Mom friends whom I asked advice from told me to be patient.

I was initially frustrated because I again assumed wrongly that potty training isn’t all that hard. But I quit stressing about it. After all, he should “get it” eventually — hopefully waaaay before he starts liking girls!


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