Easter Egg Art

Finally, the holiday that the Little Creature #1 has been waiting for. “Wooah, EGG!!!” He would say, whenever he sees eggs, whether fake or real. I am not sure when his love affair with eggs began, probably when he started watching those plastic eggs with toys inside them in Youtube.

Easter didn’t really mean all that much to me before, but now, it felt more fun with the Little Creature #1 around. There are egg hunts and kiddie activities everywhere and me, the Scrooge of all holidays, has no choice but to get involved. Sadly, I wasn’t able to take some souvenir snapshots of his first ever egg hunt in the garden of the subdivision where my parents lived because it was all a blur. It ended in less than a minute with all the children violently and madly scrambling around for plastic eggs. I never knew an innocent activity could turn sweet little children into midget combatants.

But here he is during an egg painting activity in his favorite place of the moment, the SM Store. It was his first time to use water colors and to paint an egg but look at him go at it like some Jackson Pollock-ish little artist, as if he knew what he was doing.


Easter Egg Art - Toddler



The finished product of my 2 and a half year old toddler. Aww! His first ever egg art. Looks much better than his mural. Makes his momma proud!

Egg painting - toddler


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