Pre-school Power

We hadn’t planned on putting the Little Creature #1 to school. I know it is a little too early for a two and a half year old. We from the older generations didn’t do so bad starting school at five or six years old, right?

But with me going back to work on Wednesday and him being left alone with the nannies, we figured it would be better for him to spend some of his time learning a little something with other toddlers.

We found a couple of hardworking nannies and they are a lot of help around the house but they do not teach him anything useful. They won’t be able to provide kiddie activities for him. A couple of times, we had to reprimand one nanny for teaching him to do and say crappy stuff. Summer playschool would keep him preoccupied for a few hours. Also, he loves being in the company of other kids so we think the playschool would be a great experience for him.

Husband discovered the Mother Goose Nursery School which was about a three minute walk away from home.

Mother Goose Nursery School


It’s a new school and construction of the front part is not yet complete. Since it is new, the facilities are nice and clean and the toys and tools for learning are still in plastic wrappers.

We thought school would start tomorrow and we just dropped by this morning to pay the tuition and for the Little C #1 to meet his teacher. We found out that the start date was adjusted to today.

Mother Goose Nursery School

Summer school would be from Monday to Thursday until May 22, from 10:15 am to 12:15 pm.

The Little Creature #1 loves it!


Mother Goose Nursery School

He isn’t really a fussy one and whenever we bring him to play gyms, he tends to forget our existence so we weren’t really worried that he would cry once we left him. We were more worried that he would make another kid cry. He already did that a couple or so times by breaking a toy and by the snatching the kid’s toy away from him.

When I returned at 12:15pm to pick him up, the teacher said that he had been a good boy and that he liked books. Ahem, ahem! I am taking credit for that one.

Mother Goose Nursery School

He actually wanted to return today! Haha, wait until you get to grade school and high school!

Here’s the straw bracelet that he and his teacher made.

Mother Goose Nursery School




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