The Best Thing About Having a Toddler

…is that he thinks I’m simply fantastic. So I’m relishing and taking advantage of every moment because someday, when he has grown into some angsty teenager, he’ll forget about his awesome mom and he’ll just look at me like I’m some a crabby, old hag.

In his eyes, I’m as pretty as Minka Kelly. If the Little Creature #1 sees some gorgeous celebrity or model in a magazine or billboard who hardly even bares a resemblance to me, he’d say it was me. Who am I to argue with that?

I am a dull and awkward conversationalist and I don’t really like to talk all that much to anyone else (I’d rather write than speak about my thoughts) but with him, I could have a regular gabfest and I could read and spin stories worthy of the Brothers Grimm especially during bedtime. Gone were the days when we had to play tug of war every night because he didn’t want to give up the iPad and sleep. Now, bedtime is more fun and I am taking credit for that! (Or maybe my boring chatter puts him to sleep).

Yeah, sure, I’ve had it up to here with Disney’s “Frozen” soundtrack, but how can I not “howl like [a] swirling storm” whenever he says, “sing. Frozen.” So howl I go as I attempt to hit the high notes of “Let It Go” in my shrill, shaky voice. I’d usually be left gasping for breath after such vocal gymnastics but he would sweet-talk me into singing again with his “again, mommy, sing.” So howl I go again. As far as the Little Creature #1 is concerned, I make a far more superior Elsa and my rendition of the song could knock off Idina Menzel’s in one icy blast!


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