Sleep Writing and Babbling

My handwriting is like barbed wire. On good days.

On bleh days, it gets scragglier and spikier that it could almost stab a person’s eyes especially when I’m trying to pass off as an engrossed listener taking down notes of humongous importance during meetings when all I want to do on such days is curl up under the conference table and snooze.

Anyway, I was trying to decipher my notes from last week’s meeting hoping to find something useful, but instead I found something odd.

Here are my notes during the Lookback on the Business Continuity Plan Testing Exercises conducted by our office a couple of weeks ago. The meeting was attended by people from IT.

sleep writing

Apparently, we were discussing the plus and delta of internet connectivity, network utilization, toolkits, Business Impact Analysis (BIA), documentations, access…

(here’s a closeup)

sleep writing

…and spaghetti… and maybe meatballs.

Say whuuut?!?! Well, people need food, right? Spaghetti is a great source of carbs and very, very crucial for business continuity.

Looks like I dozed off for a few seconds (I think) with my eyes open (I think) without anyone noticing (I think), dreamed of pasta, and sleep-wrote during those seconds. Blame it on my lack of sleep due to the wonders of motherhood.

This used to happen a lot to me back in school. There was a time in high school when we had to write an essay in Filipino and I dozed off. When I came to, I saw that I had been writing nonsense in English. In college, I used to be able fill the entire Blue Book with essays of nonsense while “hovering” between being awake and sleepiness (and maybe sleep) because I had been too tired from swimming and diving to have time to study about boring politics. Beats me how I was able to graduate at all.

Now I sleep babble, too!

I find telling bedtime stories to the Little Creature #1 a joy, but there are nights when I’d be so taken over with exhaustion. I would continue to prattle on and on and on until I’d doze off… then I’d be jolted awake in the middle of a word or sentence which is entirely unrelated to the story I had been telling at the beginning. I tried to record my storytelling one time so I could hear what weird thing I’d say but it didn’t work. Recording made me self-conscious and wide-awake! One of these days, I’m going to try recording again.


3 thoughts on “Sleep Writing and Babbling

  1. chris13jkt says:

    Talking about handwriting, I’ve also experiencing similar problems; sometimes I cannot understand what I have written and worse is I cannot read my own handwriting 😦


  2. Chic Lapin says:

    I do try to do my handwriting in a clean and cute way but it’s getting worse as I get older. Oh well. 😅
    Anyway, Girl! You need to get some sleep! 😋


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