Dinosaur Attack

The Little Creature #1 sometimes likes to hang out with me during the electrically powered milk extraction process in our bedroom. “Mommy, pump!” He would say. He would even mimic the sound of the breast pump. “Said pump — tot-tot-tot-tot!” He would say in halting toddler language. But pumping takes a while and he would get bored after a few minutes. To keep him preoccupied, I decided to let him play with my Sylvanian families and their little house. I got them for myself many years ago because their cuteness were just too hard to resist, although they were mostly just stowed away in some dusty kingdom far, far away and I would just pay them a visit occasionally to check if everyone is ok.

My plan was to let him play only during those times when I have to pump for milk and he is with me as part of our bonding moment and so that I could oversee and ensure that he does not break anything. The little families thrived under the care of the Little Creature #1. The Little Panda went to school, the babies were fed. Everything was a-ok and peaceful and cute. And then it turned ugly.

I lost dominion over the house. I woke up one afternoon to find the Little Creature #1 assembling his pre-historic minions and launching a vicious attack against my little house while the Little Creature #2, his aspiring second-in-command watched along!

toddler dinosaur schleich sylvanian families


The poor little tenants in a mad scramble.

dinosaur schleich, toddler, sylvanian families, kookoo birds


Kookoo birds on the roof make a special appearance, looking as if they were under a spell with their big round, hypnotized eyes…

kookoo birds, dinosaur schleich, sylvanian families


Here are a couple of scenes straight from the Jurassic Park. Poor Mrs. Bunny Rabbit!

sylvanian families, schleich dinosaur


schleich, sylvanian families

Makes me wonder, if I had a daughter, would she create this kind of scene with her toys? Maybe I’d find Mrs. Bunny Rabbit flirting with Ken or GI Joe or gazing adoringly at a mini poster of One Direction.


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