D-I-Y Bottlecap Charms and Magnets

My latest project inspired by my visit to the Comic and Toy Convention last June and those really pretty things in Pinterest:


For the TV series junkie:


I read a lot of articles and watched videos of how-tos which can be found all over the internet so I won’t go into the nitty-gritty stuff anymore. I will just focus on the materials because these are actually the most challenging (and most costly) things to find because there are not a lot of arts and crafts stores in Manila. I have to admit,  finding them is part of the fun.

For the charms, I bought the flattened and painted bottle caps (P7.50 without holes; P8.50 with holes. Huh? An additional P1 for a teeny void?) from Schmily’s in Pedro Gil, Sta. Ana. Yehey to me for finding out about the store. I love it! The mom of the owner of the shop even gave me some tips.

I’m giving these charms away as favors on the Little Creature #2’s better-late-than-never baptism on Sunday.

For the magnets, I used those used ones (Little Creature #1’s dragons make an appearance). Sometimes, husband has the oddest connections. He actually knows someone who collects these and he just gave them to me, thank-you-whoever-you-are:



I wanted to learn how to flatten the bottle caps myself so I bought my own rubber mallet (P119.75), my new best friend, my very own Mjollnir!

bottle caps

It took a while but I got the hang of it.  They made it look so easy in YouTube: “Use the force, Luke and just whack, whack, whack away on Vader’s imagined little selfie on the caps.”  But, nooo.  They turned out twisted and crooked. But, oh, what a way to release stress! And tone one bicep.

Thanks to husband for the process improvement.

Quick tips: Spread out the edges of the crowns first by pounding on them carefully before pounding like mad on the center. And sandwich them in between cutting boards so you wouldn’t chuck them off and maybe hit a baby’s face. (thank goodness this hasn’t happened — yet)


It’s not a cheap hobby! Aside from the flattened bottle caps, I bought a 1 inch round hole puncher (P600) for the images (cutting them with scissors sucked) and epoxy stickers (P375 for 50 pieces) which can only be found in Schmily’s, Mod Podge sealant (P400+ I think) and Mod Podge Dimensional Magic (can’t remember how much, around P300-P400, I guess) from Deovir’s in Megamall (also got some tips from the sales guy. He knows what he’s selling. Maybe he’s the proprietor),


Lots of materials from Wellmanson’s in Villalobos, Quiapo (even bought another drill around P500. I can’t find my first one which I bought so many years ago. I found out too late that one could just use a nail to punch a hole into the bottle caps. Darn.),



And many more puffy stickers and papers and Washi tapes and stuff from 168 Mall, Divisoria. That paperbook at the left upper corner? It’s P230 in the arts and craft store in SM Makati. Bought it for only P90 in Divisoria.




Got all these body stickers from a stall outside the Divisoria malls for just P50, tried putting some on a couple of the bottle cap images and they looked cute.

body stickers from Divisoria

My first pendant was supposed to have the Tardis image but the edge of the Image was jagged so I used this lady from the front cover of the Smashing Pumpkins’ Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness album.



Ehehehe, so I have not moved on from my high school /college grunge, rock ‘n roll days… The image from the “Keep the Faith” album with the hands of my ex-boyfriend Jon Bon Jovi and his band was a fail so I didn’t include it here.

bottle cap magnets grunge


This is so addictive! I want to do these all day! I am thinking of reviving my accessories business with the bottle caps and other upcycled items as my special materials instead of the memory wires this time.

My first very satisfied customer:



He even has his own set of How to Train Your Dragon 2 magnets:

How to Train Your Dragon 2 bottle cap magnets


My Pinterest fail:


I was so excited to make something Doctor Who-ish so these were my first projects. Sadly, I drowned the Tardis and the Daleks with too much Dimensional Magic and I didn’t seal the printed designs with the Mod Podge so the color bled.  Still experimenting with the techniques. I think I almost got it. Now, I just need to test the durability.

I love having something to focus on other than motherhood (sue me for admitting it!).

Now I get why my friend C is so into Pinterest. It’s inspiring and addictive!

My next D-I-Y Project: soda pop tabs



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