D-I-Y: A Stab at Typography Messaging

I’m hopping on the typography messaging bandwagon (via powerpoint, it’s the only thing I could do for now). Here’s my first attempt:

typography message: Be happy with who you are


Also, this issue about my weight (yesterday’s rant) must bother me more than I let on and more than I realize because I actually spent some precious time creating that message (credit to Doctor Who for the “wibbly-wobbly” and that sort of Tardis blue shade).


And I actually have already written something about my skinny arse in 2010.


Which reminded me of a funny thing —

There is this popular riddle in the Philippines —

“Buto’t balat pero lumilipad.” Skin and bones yet it flies.  The answer: a kite.

— which my dad modified… to suit my specs, of course:

“Buto’t balat pero ‘di lumilipad.” Skin and bones but doesn’t fly. The answer: ME. duh.


I thought it was silly. But for some strange reason, I liked it. A riddle about me. Cool! 

Hmmm… he also used to say I looked like Yoda. I loved it.

I guess it’s how he said these things. He wasn’t being insulting. And like I said before, it’s just a matter of perspective.


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