Happy Little Creatures

Happy Little Creature #1 + Happy Little Creature #2 = happy mom!



happy kids

Behold! The Little Creatures have been generally agreeable and sweet these days.  There are occasional tantrums coming from the bossy #1 which we sort of  just ignore  know how to deal with now but generally, all is well — and quiet (the calm before the storm, maybe).

Also, I am not being the typical bratty mom these days. In fact, as is evident in my recent posts, I am even able to squeeze in some itty bitty time for arts and crafts.

The Little Creature #1 is a happy little schoolboy who is constantly surprising us with the new things he learns in school.

The Little Creature #2 is almost 6 months old and he’s just the sweetest thing. It may be too early to say but he seems milder in temperament (and easier to take care of) than his older brother. He seems content to play on his own most of the time. He would scream when he’s hungry, of course, but there are times when I would wake up in the middle of the night to find him playing with his pillow or a plush little toy quietly. I would have no idea how long he has been awake. His older brother was never like that. At that age and up until now, upo waking up, he would immediately look around for an audience and demand attention.

I am relishing the temporary peace and quite although I have to admit, this Mother – Toddler & Baby Ceasefire is a little boring. I can’t think of anything to whine write about.


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