D-I-Y: Altered Tin Can Using Mixed Media

Underneath all that junk is an image of Spiderman. I’m not really a Spidey fan so…


altered tin can: steampunk

This is my very first attempt to “steampunk” an item. It looks more “shabby” than “chic”. I may have used almost all the materials I could find, that’s why it looks very messy, and I really didn’t have a design plan in mind, but it was so much fun to do!

Materials used:

tin lunch box

shimmery blue spray paint (it’s not sealed yet. I was too excited to stick all that rubbish on the tin)

book mark

printed paper

wrapping paper

acrylic pearls

washi tape (it’s somewhere there)

spray painted and flattened used bottle caps


double-sided foam tape to add dimension to some of the pictures

assorted metal beads

rhinestone stickers

mod podge

Elmer’s glue

Distress Ink in Walnut Stain

and even some shimmery brown eyeshadow to add to the aged look! (I used Stila, haha). I have to figure out a way to seal the eyeshadow.

 I started this project last weekend while waiting for some other project to dry up. I had to do this in snippets of time, switching from being the Bratty Mom to the Crafty Mom whenever the Little Ones are asleep or distracted.

I’m not too happy about that shimmery blue spray paint but it was the only one available at that time. It looked too shiny and new.  I also ran out of it. I may have had too much fun spraying. Inside the box, Spiderman comic scenes are peeking through a thin coating of the paint.

To create that shabby-chic, aged look, I used Distress Ink which I recently just found out about and which I bought from Memory Lane Store. (OMG to the maximum! I wanted to buy everything in that store!)

distress ink in Walnut Stain

I’d like to try out some more of those Distress Inks but they’re too pricey.


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