D-I-Y: Resin Tiles

Joined a Resin Tile and Coaster Making Workshop @ Craft Manila last weekend. The instructor was artist Nikki Abelardo.

Crafting is taking over my life. Again. Am not even making an effort to prettify my writing. I just want to post pictures of the stuff I did so that I will have memories of them before they crumble or get destroyed by the Little Creature #1.  Who is taking care of the kids while I hide from the world in my sweet, sexy B.O.D. (Bubble of Denial – it’s my version of the Tardis)?  I am not sure anymore… What kids? haha.

It was a two day workshop because we had to wait for the resin to dry overnight.  There were just 3 of us students.

How to get to Craft Manila:




Cool, but was I in the right place?  Was my initial thought. Yes, I was.


Day 1: Preparing and priming the pieces. This took me some time.  Teacher Nikki said, “minions, choose your designs,” and she pointed to this big plastic box filled with old magazines, scrapbook papers, and other papery junk.

Ehmagahhhd, the pressure! I rummaged through the papers in silent panic. What designs?

I thought of going for the sweet, feminine, shabby chic look for lack of other ideas so I initially grabbed a pile of floral scrapbook papers. But that semi-goth-semi-grunge- straight-edgy -part-of-me-that-I keep-burying-deep-deep-deep-down-which-I-thought-I-had-gotten-over-by-now-because-I-am-getting-too-old-for-that-sh**-eh-I-mean-stuff, was struggling to get out, as usual. So, it got out and led me back to the plastic box until I got the images that just felt right but made me feel a bit conscious because the others might think that some were a little odd… and scary.

Busy-busy-busy, mix-mix-mix.



The worktable. I’ve poured the resin over the tiles. Those microbubbles, they ruin everything!


Day 2

They’re far from perfect, with the microbubbles and the wet spots, but I’m happy with the images. The random words actually fit nicely with the random pictures.


These are my favorites:

“Escape the everyday” – sounds Doctor Who-ish to me, you know, the Tardis thing and well, “books! The best weapons,” he said)




“Sweet dreams,” I realized afterwards, seemed a bit sarcastic and sinister, as if the creepy baby was saying it with malicious glee. Sort of reminds me of Dave McKean’s surreal art (I do flatter myself as I compare my amateur art with his). Then there’s the naked guy with several legs and his twiddledeedee hanging out. I swear, I did not see the twiddledeedee until after the resin has dried (we-ell, it was tiny!).




No text for this one. I shall call it “The Watcher”. And that framed painting on the left with the person sitting like he/she is sort of scared? Kind of disturbing for me but I don’t know how to work it out of the picture. Shuda covered it with something.



“Here’s to the Brave Girl”. Got the text from a Keds ad with Taylor Swift’s pic. It actually says “here’s to the brave girls”. A dear friend once wrote me a note saying I was brave. Am not entirely convinced but it was my the best compliment (and my favorite, too) I have ever received. Love the vivid blue.




Now these, unfortunately, did not turn out well. Latex paint + resin = ugly blobs.


Next week, I will join the Leather Cuff Making class! EXCITED. MUCHO.


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