D-I-Y: Altered Tin #2

This used to be an old Kiehl’s tin which contained 4 tubes of lip balm (I gave away a couple) and I may have had the tin for ten years or so (quick review: lip bummed so thumbs down).


A tribute to Lillian Gish. I cannot recall watching any of her movies, but I do love old Hollywood and she looked really beautiful in this picture.

Again, I had no design in mind, just like my first try at altering tin. I just kept adding and adding and adding, mostly to hide the mistakes like the wet spots and dry glue. I had to stop somewhere because I might end up covering everything. Again, it’s more shabby than chic.


I used old and crumbly and crispy and yellowing pages from Freud’s “Introduction to Psychoanalysis” which I found in the shelf at home. It was probably a 60’s publication. No one is going to read it, I most certainly won’t, and time has almost destroyed it but I still felt a little guilty tearing some of the pages. There is no profound or psychologically-related meaning as to why I used the pages from the book. It was just there. And it was falling apart anyway.


materials used: old book pages, fabric flowers, satin ribbon, lace, a wooden stirrer for the frame, distress ink for the stirrer, acrylic pearls, glass, and metal beads, rhinestone stickers, a couple of freshwater pearls, domino tile, dimensional magic, mod podge.



I did this project a couple of weeks ago. Mod Podge is still sticky. I need some sort of sealant.

Looks like I’ve inspired someone to get crafty as well.

Dat face.


He did this a few days ago and he brings it with him at all times. He’s so proud of it that he even brought it to school to show to his teacher. I mod podged the stickers on the plate because he gets bothered when they fall off.


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