D-I-Y: More Altered Dominoes

I bought an additional dozen set of dominoes. Last Saturday, Husband and I searched for the stall where my dad bought them for Php25 each in Divisoria but we couldn’t find it. Just when I had thrown in the towel and admitted that my dad indeed knew Divisoria better than I did, Husband and I came across this toy store which sells the set for only Php20! El Cheap-o! 

And right after I bought the dozen sets, Husband and I stumbled upon the toy store that was just across 168 Mall which my friend Celina told me about before when I asked where she bought the dominoes for also Php20 each set. At least, now we know, in case I need more dominoes. As
If I don’t have enough.

I’m glazing and turning them into something else but I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with them after that. It’s so much fun though, and they’re so cute after they’re glazed.



I still don’t know what to do with the microbubbles. I can’t pop them with pins. I try to scoop them out before the glaze dries but there are still bubbles that I miss because they were so tiny. I read somewhere that I could pop them by heating them with a hair dryer. Must try that some time.



I learned that I get cleaner holes when I drill on them AFTER glazing.


The hole above, I drilled before glazing so I had to work around it, trying not to fill it with glaze.  The hole below, I drilled after the glaze has dried.

Here’s one that I’ve spray painted and embedded with beads.



I’m still product testing and so far, the color has not faded and stained my clothes.

This one below is a picture of a place in Italy which I tore off from the local fashion magazine, Metro. I don’t know what to do with it.


But pretty, yeah?

Here are more. I got the floral images from the border of an invite from one of the local hotels that my colleagues and I conducted an ocular inspection in a couple of days ago.


Pretty, yeah? And so mushy. It’s a little early for Valentine’s Day. IMG_4824.JPG

I’m giving these to some lucky lassies because I took their invitation cards.


At home, beads, bottle caps, domino tiles are scattered not just in my work area but all over the house, no thanks to the Little  Creature #1 who loves to swipe and play with my materials and then leave them wherever.


I do try to keep my mess confined to my corner but I hate being organized. I feel like my brain is being restricted or restrained. Plus, cleaning up afterwards takes time. I love seeing my materials all over in a huge, crazy jumble because that is when I see all the colors and become more inspired to create something.

This is part of a Lancome ad that I cut out from a mag. I embedded the mushy word. More lovey dovey. Cute.



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