The Little Creature #2 @ 7 months

And now for some family time. We’ll get back to crafting in the next few days.

Here is bitty baby Rohan doing the downward dog yoga pose just like his older brother. Looks like he’s more advanced. Big Little Creature #1 didn’t do the downward pose until his 9th or 10th month of existence.




What a little delight… especially when you compare him to his stubborn older brother who is, yaiks, turning totally terrible three next month.

We can spot some differences between the two creatures. #1 is used to co-sleeping. I couldn’t put him to sleep if we weren’t nose to nose on yhe bed. He loves to snuggle even until now. #2 is used to sleeping in his crib. When we co-sleep, he kicks me away because he wants the space.

He’s not as fussy (yey). He’s a crawler, and a fast one, too. Older brother didn’t get to crawl because there was no place to crawl on before. He just sat up one day. Now, we have the play area at home where #2 gets to crawl and roll and tumble whenever he pleases.

He smells so yummy, too. Older brother smelled funny and stinky at that age because he perspired a lot so I thought all babies smelled that way.



A couple of baby pearlies. Sweet.


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