It’s Raining Dominoes!

That’s not even all of the dominoes I’ve altered and decoupaged in the last couple of months. Obviously, I have no social life. But that never really bothered me anyway.

altered and decoupaged dominoes

The Little Creature #1 has gotten used to my clutter so I don’t have to growl and glower at him so much anymore when he sticks his nose and digs through my mess. I can now do my craft with him around. He has lost interest in my tools, which is a relief. He used to take my pairs of pliers which he says are pterodactyls. Now he still does swipe a couple of stuff now and then and then loses interest in a few seconds. He’d leave them wherever and all over the house so it isn’t unusual to find a stray domino or bottlecap or bead on the shelves, on the floors, on the dining table, and even on the bed. Now, Little Creature #2, is a different story. He’s at that stage where everything looks good (and maybe tastes good) so they all end up in his mouth. Husband and the nanny oversee him while I produce more clutter.

I’m planning to make those dominoes into something wearable, like a charm for a bracelet or necklace and then sell them in pop up fairs once I have enough, but yesterday, I had a little fun with some.  What nonsense! What fun!

Come and visit my library. Have a bit of wine while you read about Morpheus and his family of weirdos.

altered dominoes as little books


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