Toddler Fashion? Forget about it



…to have a brood of Rossdale-Stefani children clones while, of course, rocking motherhood like Gwen. Kick-a** mom and kick-a** boys, right? And don’t get me started on the Rossdale dad.


dinosaur toddler

Baby at 7 months

It’s understandable for our little baby to wear that (one of the many hand-me-downs) especially in this weather, but for his older brother, well… That set of yellow clothes he is wearing in the picture with a print of Bumblebee, he just refused to take off. We had to buy a second set so we could wash and wear. For about a month, he refused to wear anything else… and sleep in anything else. The one other thing he wears in great reluctance is his school uniform.

Good thing he has forgotten about those hair ties. He looked like a girl but he thought it made him look like a triceratops. He also loves those ugly Nemo shoes which I bought in Divisoria so many ages ago for just P150. In all fairness, the pair is very sturdy. He wears them almost all the time.

I did get him to wear something that I liked (wheee!)… for a few hours.

Nirvana shirt toddler

But the pull of the yellow “damit” (that’s what he calls them shirts and shorts) is just too strong. 

Also, we got him a pterodactyl costume for trick or treat which he chose from the rack himself last weekend so now he wears it all the time, including in bed.

Pterodactyl costume toddler

I wanted to dress him up like some mini Johnny Depp weirdo character for trick or treat but how can one deny him his dino costume when he looks so happy? He wore the costume immediately after we bought it.

For his school Hat-Making Contest yesterday (parent-child tandem), he demanded (yes, DEMANDED) that he wanted us to make a triceratops costume. While other parents made cardboard witches and wizards and pumpkin hats, I was sewing spikes on his beanie. Due to time constraint, I was able to make a “stegosaurus” beanie:

dinosaur beanie

Yep, I took a leave of absence from work to make that.

It was crudely and untidily and hastily done but HE LOVED IT! It all boils down to that, right? He didn’t want to take it off but he had to leave it in school for the judging. We’re not going to get a prize but him thinking that it was the best hat amongst all the other hats is the best prize ever. 

It kinda looks like some punk/rock thingie, too, I just might make one for our little baby and maybe for myself. 

I got the instructions from this site:  DIY Dino Hoodie.

Toddler and baby fashion? Yeah, well, let’s forget about it for now. There’s plenty enough time to “Eliza Doolittle” the little ones when they’re not so little anymore.




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