The Girl Who Waited

The Tardis pendants that Husband ordered through eBay last February finally arrived!



So cute. Only, the people who aren’t familiar with Doctor Who would probably wonder why I’d wear a portalet pendant.

I wonder when the Tardis keychain in Tardis blue will arrive.


The Little Creature #2 at 28 Weeks (as of Nov 28)

Looking more and more like a human baby now. Doc S. says that this one is 2 weeks bigger than it is supposed to be. Yaiks! ETA is earlier than we initially thought. From Feb 20, Doc says that the little one may arrive not later than February 5.

Ultrasound 28 weeks

He smiled! (It  looks more like grimace, though)

ultrasound 28 weeks

It feels as if he is more active than Little Creature #1.  He seems to toss and turn all the time which keeps me up all night. To think that I haven’t been drinking that much coffee this time.

The Little Creature #1 seems to understand that there’s a baby inside me. Whenever we ask him where the baby is, he would lift my shirt ( thankfully, not in public yet), say hi to the “geygi” or “deydi”, wave to my tummy, and would even kiss my tummy. 

The Daddy Creature is just ecstatic that it is going to be another boy. He can’t wait for another playmate.

And what about the Mommy Creature? Well, my complaints during preggy #1 would be nothing compared to the complaints I have now. I can’t remember pregnancy #1 ever being this heavy. The bones in my lower back feel like they’re going to break!

I finally got around to taking some selfies. Forget about Daddy C taking my photos. He would just grumble and take blurry ones. I had a nice dress and makeup on for our company’s yearend party so I took some photos before washing the fake pregnancy glow off and turning back into the haggard preggy mom that I really am. These are probably my only preggy lookbook pics this time.

pregnancy at 29 weeks

pregnancy at 28 weeks

The fake glow, by the way, is courtesy of some products from Tony Moly that I have just started using last November. For the first time in my life, I have received several compliments about how nice my skin is these days. People think the glow is an effect of pregnancy. Faker pregnant mom! Gullible people!

DIY: Studded Sheer Blouse

I know, I’m so many seasons behind. But I’m neither a trendsetter or a trend follower.  I’m a late bloomer.

I bought these cookie cutter sheer blouses in Greenhills for 3 for Php1000. 

Sheer collared blouses

Nice, but, like I said, sooo cookie cutter.  Luckily I have these studs which I removed from an old pair of Zara ankle boots a few months back.

metal/plastic studs

We had some good times, those boots and I, but I kept them hidden away for a few months and when I took them out again, I was faced with a sad and haggard looking pair, with the leather all cracked and peeling. I finally put them to rest but not before removing these studs ( they have these pointy fasteners at the back so all I had to do was press these down on the collars, fold them inwards so I won’t get pricked, to attach).

Dark blue sheer blouse + studs = still a few seasons behind but well, I needed something to do.


Studded sheer blouse

I had to hurry because the Little Creature was breathing down my neck, that’s why some of the studs were skewed. I had to attach them quickly before he snatches them away and steps on them. Or worse, swallows them. But it’s just easy to re-fasten them so I’ll probably do that one of these days.

The Test Drive. I wore the shirt last to work last week. No one admired it, no one asked about it (it seems as if everyone has a studded blouse in their closets these days, so mine is nothing special), but if someone does, it’s from Zara, I’ll say. Ehh, well, the studs anyway.

Studded sheer blouse

Rest in peace, my Zara booties. These acrylic studs will serve as a reminder of our good times together.

D-I-Y Shoe Recoloring and then some

I really do miss arts & crafts and D-I-Y projects.

My latest victims, errr, projects? These very light colored sneakers .

There are no professional vegan suede wedge sneakers colorists around (maybe I should train to be one) so I was forced to color them myself. There were a lot of D-I-Y instructions online but the dyes indicated in the instructions weren’t available locally. Textile paint would ruin the shoes, said hubby, who had some experience in silk screening.

Faaayn! For lack of other options, I resorted to the only one I could think of. If I am unable to wash off the permanent marker stains on my bags, well then, I therefore conclude that such markers would work on the shoes. Makes some kind of sense, right? So I bought Sharpie pens in bronze and gold. Maybe there is a reason why D-I-Y vegan suede recoloring list of materials does not include Sharpie pens but I will worry about that later.

I did this project about two weeks ago, but I wanted to publish this post on this date. Y? Hint, hint: smelly teen spirits, heart-shaped boxes, and smileys on dope (remember them, friends? We used to buy heart-shaped boxes just because of the title of the song. Made sense to us then.).

Sharpie pens for faux suede

The white parts, I coverd in gold, the beige parts, I used the bronze. Compare — left: sullied vegan suede; right: virgin vegan suede:

wedge sneakers recoloring

I couldn’t stop there. I felt the sneakers were still too light and my hand was itching to do more coloring. So I colored the straps and the rest of the taupe parts as well.

wedge sneakers recoloring

After 6 bronze and 1 gold Sharpie fine point pens… TA-DA! I am not sure what to do with those white thingies. In the pictures, they look great on models / celebrities. But on me, they look just like sanitary pads on my ankles.

recolored wedge sneakers

Using Eyeem Filter:

recolored wedge sneakers

My tip? To color in one direction. It’s a tip I myself didn’t follow, though, because I just didn’t have the patience. The shades came out slightly uneven but that is to be expected of suede, even vegan suede. Anyway, my excuse was, I was going for a grungy look so there was no need for a thoroughly even shade. In case the colors fade, I still have a couple of pens left for retouching. I’m crossing my fingers that these Sharpie pens would last for a long time.

The test drive. I went with hubby to a college pageant and I wanted to harness my teen spirit (still got remnants of it even if I am already light years away from teenhood) to blend in. Plus, like I said, I was going for the grungy look so I wore the sneakers with the BDU (battle dress uniform) pants  and my current favorite shirt. The print is in mirror image but only uncool people would not recognize that stoned smiley.

wedge sneakers


Posted in honor of


and Kurt Donald Cobain

February 20, 1967 – April 5, 1994


D-I-Y Studded Sneakers

“Shoes are boring. Wear sneakers”, says the new tagline of Converse. I haven’t been wearing Converse sneakers for a long time but well, the wedge sneakers have become a weekend staple.  I now have three pairs in black and from afar, they look the same. So I decided to put studs on the sneakers that my aunt from Chicago bought for me.

wedge sneakers


A pair of sneakers, of course

JRE6000 industrial strength superglue (it’s too pricey for P400)

studs (I bought these in Carolina’s. They sell these plastic studs which look like metal per yard. I needed only about 1/10 of a yard but the store would only sell half a yard at the least for P150.)

glue applicator (which I didn’t have to so I used an old pencil to apply the glue at the back of the studs)

Directions: Estimate the length of the studs to be put on the straps, cut them into strips,

plastic studs

…spread glue on them evenly, wait for 2 + minutes, and glue them on the straps.

After a few minutes, voila!

studded wedge sneakers

Test drive.

wedge sneakers

Somebody really wants to be in the picture!

wedge sneakers

I suddenly miss doing arts and crafts. I might end up putting all the leftover studs on my clothes and shoes.

wedge sneakers

P.S. The Eyeem, Pixlr Express, PicsArt, Pixlr-o-matic, and Photogrid phone apps are so cool.


The giving of pasalubong to families and friends is a time-honored tradition. It is “something meant for you when you welcome me back” (Wikipedia). Usually, the pasalubong is given by the balikbayan (overseas Filipinos/those with foreign citizenship returning or visiting the country) to relatives and friends (and neighbors and everybody else).

I used to expect pasalubongs when I was younger. That’s the negative side of it — a common act of thoughtfulness turning into something of a requirement.  When I didn’t get anything from an aunt or uncle, or when I would get something that I didn’t like, I’d be disappointed. I was an awful child. I realized that I was being awful when it was my turn to give the pasalubong and I felt obligated to get some, lest I be seen as a thoughtless little B.  I thought other pasalubong givers may feel the same so I just stopped expecting to be given something. I do like to give goodies to friends at unexpected times, when there is no occasion that makes me feel required to do so.

What’s annoying? Amidst well wishes during send-offs, I would almost always hear “Don’t forget the pasalubong!” being addressed to the vacationer/immigrant implying that the one who said it expects something when he/she returns. Sometimes, people just say it as an expression, like some sort of an inside joke or reminder to return safely because the traveler still has to “distribute the pasalubong” or something. But sometimes, people mean it. Sometimes they even have a wish list.

What’s more annoying? If you are the traveler and you hear such remarks from someone whom you don’t even consider a friend.

And the most annoying of them all? When you return from a travel empty-handed and are put on a very uncomfortable spot when someone asks, “where’s my pasalubong?” with one palm reaching towards you. (Umm… errrr, it was confiscated by the Customs personnel.) 

Enough about that. Despite ranting, I do admit that it feels nice to receive unexpected gifts, especially if the little somethings are something you really, really, really want! Last January, my mom’s sisters from Chicago and San Francisco whom I’ve last seen during my wedding in 2009,  my dad’s sister and her husband who visit every year for their annual medical mission and vacation, and their two daughters from Ohio, came to stay at my parent’s home. They overflowed my parents’ fridge with the usual Trader Joe’s and Hershey’s chocolates, and you couldn’t walk a few steps in the house without bumping into a balikbayan box filled with goodies to be given to many other relatives.

These are the pasalubongs I received (the M key chain was a gift from C):

Dooney & Bourke; Benefit Fine One One; Watt's Up

One aunt gave me a cute blue Dooney & Bourke leather purse (That’s almost 300 bucks! She said. She always puts a price on her gifts). I asked my other aunt to buy me the Benefit Fine One One, Benefit Watt’s Up, Hanae Mori Eau de Toilette (I wanted the Eau de Parfum but my aunt got it wrong) and of course, the wedge sneakers. Yes, I did make a wish list and of course I paid for the items, except for the Fine One One which my aunt insisted was her gift to me.

I’m going to need to design those sneakers. I now have  five pairs and three of them are black. Maybe I should put some spikes or studs on them.

Black Wedge Sneakers

My cousins from Ohio gave me a Stila Snow Angel Palette. Wow! So pretty! Just the arsenal I need to battle the dowdiness that motherhood has brought upon me.

Stila Snow Angel Palette

If only I could figure out how to use it.

Better than coffee

I was about a couple of seconds away from snoring on my feet when I got home, but was jolted into wakefulness as if someone dowsed me with a bucket of espresso when I saw that the wedge hi-top sneakers I ordered from The Shoe Goddess arrived! My two month-long wait is finally over. Thanks, Shoe Goddess!

I tried them on, did a retouch of my makeup, and dragged my less than enthusiastic hubby outside to take pictures of me in the rain. Weren’t you just complaining about your lack of sleep? He asked, maybe hoping that reminding me of it could make me revert to lethargy so he could get out of whatever I was about to make him do. Nope, this is better than coffee! I said cheerfully, hence the title. Duh.

His half-hearted, two minute photo shoot resulted to about 50 shots of me in various smirks, wonky smiles, lip puckers gone wrong, and scowls which were directed at the reluctant photographer — take my picture this way! Not that way! Don’t make me look like I have short legs! That’s my bad angle!… — that almost all found their rightful place in the Trash Bin except for the ones below. I was tempted to delete these as well but it would have been such a waste of hubby’s grudging effort. Plus, I’d end up with nothing to post.

The wedges in the sneakers I first ordered from the Shoe Goddess were more obvious so I like this pair better. I was hoping that the color was darker though. I didn’t realize they’d be so light. So now I have to figure out how to wear them with jeans without looking like a Seinfeld wannabe or to wear them with a pair of shorts without looking like an ageing Spice Girl fan who has not moved on.

Wedge sneakers

I cropped this from one of my scowling photos:

wedge sneakers

… and here’s me doing a bow-legged Quasimodo showing off the roots of my hair. Still a bad angle. What a total waste of eyeliner.

wedge sneakers

So, did I nail the Seinfeld look or what?

P.S. That jacket was one of my best buys this January. It’s a Zara TRF which I just got for Php1,200 at the SM Surplus Store. Great for the cool weather this month and great for casual Fridays at the office where it’s always wintry and freezing.

Boardwalk Empire

Because I think Steve Buscemi is a great actor (those globulous eyes could look so benevolent in one second and really weird/creepy the next)…because I am loving The Boardwalk Empire with the rest of the great cast… because I am wowed by the setting (visually stunning, said the critics, and oh-so lavish, and I absolutely concur)… because I am fascinated by the plot and the jazzy scores… and last but not the least, because I love the 20s fashion, although in this case it’s the men’s wardrobe that’s catching my eye…

I’m jumping on the bandwagon to Boardwalk in my “Nucky Thompson” wingtips.

Walk on the Boardwalk

Walk on the Boardwalk

They’re not in the same color as Nucky’s wingtips in the opening credits but they will do for now.

Nucky Thompson brogues

Nucky Thompson’s brogues (pic not an original from me)

None of the cast members seem yummy Vitamin As for the eyes and I am not going to drool over them (like what I did during the Prisonbreak Season 1 and 2 spells) but Steve Buscemi is almost… uhm… ehrrr… handsome and dapper — no there’s nothing wrong with my eyes but his talent and those suits are really distracting — like David Niven handsome and dapper. Yup, the acting skills and those very detailed tailored vintage suits of the rest of the cast really do something to upgrade their coolness levels!

Gollum in suits? My precious... my precious...

Gollum in suits? My precious… my precious… (pics borrowed from so many sites I could not remember anymore. sorry)

I will now stop my useless rambling (examples: “likey!”, “nice!”, “wow!”, “I want one of those!”, “I wish I lived during the 20s”) about the costumes and the show anymore and I am just going to lead my readers to the following better written posts:

Nucky Thompson’s Eveningwear by BAMF Style

Boardwalk Empire Costumes Bring 1920s Roaring Back by Millie Deel



2012 Fash Trends I don’t get

Maybe it is because I’m not really into trends…or maybe it is just because I’m not fashion forward. The avant garde and the bold devotees of such styles might scoff at my less than daring tastes but well, the wheels (and reels, hence the movie imageries) in my head are turning and these are my takes on the trends of 2012. Now in theaters near you.

Movie 1. Feel like seeing a Comic Book adaptation? How about some superhero stuff? It’s a bird, it’s a plane, oh, wow, it’s THE Mullet. In an elevator on one fine day, I became aware that I was with the Lady in the Mullet skirt when whoosh, she went past me and alighted, leaving the maxi part of her skirt floating and trailing behind her, making her look like some typical superheroine. Only, it’s her bottom half that was caped. If the elevator doors had closed a second too soon, our office which has about 1400 gabfesters, would have had something to snicker about during lunchtime.

Movie 2.  (Still on the mullet skirt) How about some Gothic Romance/Thriller? At parties or at bars, one may blame alcohol or low lighting for the double take at the Lady in the Mullet Skirt as she walks past you. Is that a maxi dress? But… but… wasn’t she just wearing a mini?!?!? The severe cut and opening in front that’s so in right now just makes me think of a fashion police turned axe murderer slashing at a fashion victim but ending up hacking the front of the skirt instead.

Certainly, some young Hollywood celebrities could pull it off but when I see a fellow mere human wearing such a thing, it just makes me think that the clothing is unfinished. Maybe if the asymmetry is a little more subtle, I’d get it.

Movie 3. I’m feeling a little sci-fi/dark comedy. Enter the Stepford Wives in HD Peplums.  I gave up trying to find a dress for our corporate Christmas party because in all the shops I browsed in — the dresses, the skirts, the blouses, the jackets — every piece of clothing had peplum. A few of the stores even sold detachable peplums. I am sure most of us at one time or another found herself/himself wearing the same thing as another person but witnessing a cluster of ladies in very noticeable peplum dresses during our Christmas Party reminded me of the Stepford Wives.  I might have considered wearing a peplum pencil skirt to work for a vintage-secretary look once…  if only they weren’t everywhere.  

Movie 4. The Revenge of the Nerds: The Return in 3D.  Why would people want to hide their pretty eyes behind those huge plastic framed glasses, some of these even with neon earhooks or whatchamacallits? I hated wearing glasses in elementary and high school — I wore pink ones and then maroon ones. I got teased as Miss Tapia, both in school and at home — and I swore that I will never, ever, ever, ever wear such hideous things again… except maybe inside a theater, watching a movie in 3D.

Movie 5. It’s B Movie time again– The Attack of the Flying Mustaches! I thought it was cute to find a mustache pendant once especially since it reminded me of Hercule Poirot. But now they’re everywhere! Some pendants and some prints on the clothing look more like leeches than mustaches. The white ones remind me of Colonel Sanders. Let’s hope this gets shaved off from the list of trends this year.

Movie 6. Clippity-clop, clippity- clop, it’s Mr. Tumnus from “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe”. It could be Seabiscuit, too. Oh, wait, it’s just the heel-less shoes which remind me of hooves. A pair of jodhpurs and an equestrian hat would make the equine look complete. Aside from looking like one could easily lose one’s balance in them, the total look seems off balance and is confusing to the eyes. Where is the sexy line that goes from the leg and down to the stiletto?

Movie 7.  Hmmm… now brain is too lazy to come up with a movie for this. All I can say is that The Fascinators and the Lolita hats were not around when I needed them four or five years ago for a party but now, like the Flying Mustaches, they’re everywhere. It is not fascinating to see them being worn like usual everyday hair accessories. I think the trend started sometime in 2010 so I hope people can get over it soon.

The collar necklace I do get a little bit. It looks nice when worn with a simple blouse or shirt. But with a tube? Playboy Bunny, is that you?

At the Height of 2012 Fashion

Yucky artwork by Alias M. (I haven’t seen a mustache belt, but you’ll never know, there’s always some mustache thing happening out there)

There’s one thing I do get: hidden wedge sneakers! It is still a little difficult to find a pair in the malls which makes me glad because there aren’t many sporting the sneaky wedge look in the country yet.

P.S. I also do get the ombre hair — a little bit.


The Year End PARTY! 12.08.12

I will never be a makeup artist but I am just relieved that I did not look like a clown that night.

After more than an hour of experimenting with makeup:

experimenting with makeup

What’s on me?

facial skin: Benefit The Porefessional, Benefit That Gal, Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW brightening makeup, Garnier Instant Fairness B.B. Eye Roll On, MAC NW30 concealer

Eyes: Benefit Brows A-go-go (quick review: Like! except Smokin’ Liner which smudges), Etude House Color My Brows in light brown (ok, so my hair and brow colors don’t match), Etude House Line Nuance Duo (not sure about the shade, something that’s shimmery goldish green), Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow (I forgot the shade because I’ve been mixing so many colors so much), Touchbeauty Eyelash curler, Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Cheeks: Benetint

Lips: Chanel lipstick rouge hydrabase in Fantastic Plum and Lip Venom

Legs: Sally Hansen Air Brush Legs. (Quick review: Look ma, no varicose veins!)

Hair: Richenna Bubble Hair Dye in Red Wine (Quick review: Yaiks! I thought I loved the dark red color at night. But at broad daylight and under the harsh office lights, my hair looks like it has been dusted with rust); sponge curlers that I bought online in Multiply.

Nails: Forgot the brand but the color is icy blue. By Posh Nails Salon

Earrings: Forever 21, which I got on sale. Aren’t they Art Deco-ish/Disco-ish?

Dress: jumper shorts which I also bought on sale at YRYS last year. It was only P250 and I have also worn it a couple of times before.

black jumper shorts

Bangle: a silvery thing from Divisoria.

Shoes: Nine West Aroundtown

Here’s me towering over everyone because of the shoes. Yeah!!!

Party girls

Whew! So much effort to look like I didn’t put in so much effort! But oh, what fun to be a girl! I don’t think I can do this everyday though.

And yes, I am obsessing about Benefit cosmetics lately but you gotta admit, the brightening makeup does its magic! At least I don’t have to steal my mom’s makeup this time.

The theme of the party was Mystique Madness, whatever that’s supposed to be.

My face looks yucky oily here.

Party girls

My beautiful teammates (thank you for not wearing peplum skirts!)

Operations Support Services Team


The Little Creature’s 13th Month

13th Month out of the belly for him;

13th Month Pay for me. Haha.

His milestone:  is now able to appreciate hats! Yey!

The Aviator Hat from Mummy


The Sailor Hat from friend C.


The Marine Recon Lousy Cap which Duhddy even had customized for the Little C.


The Pumpkin Helmet (yeah, it’s a little too late for Halloween)


The Red Bucket Hat from Mummy


The Winnie the Pooh Bucket Hat from I can’t remember who.

Sneaker Wedges or Wedge Sneakers?

Whatever you are, thanks. I don’t have to look short and stubby in jeans and sneakers anymore. Are you here to stay? It doesn’t really matter. I will wear these things as long as I like.

Online shopping is starting to be addictive! It took more than a month but finally, the sneaker wedges that I ordered arrived.

From the site: Dana Marant – a combination of leatherette and faux suede upper, stitching accents, lace up construction with single Velcro strap closure, and hidden wedge heel. Finished with cushioned insole and soft interior lining for all day comfort. (umm, those legs, can I buy them, too?)

They’re not Marant sneakers as the name implies but they’ll do.

They look cool and they felt comfy when I tried them on. I hope they’re durable. They’r going for a long test drive.

OOTD: Shirt, Zara; jeans, Mango; sneakers, Shoe Goddess.

Check out the store’s online shop: The Shoe Goddess. There are really some cool shoes and some really outrageous ones. If I were 15 years younger (and 15 times wealthier), I’d buy a pair of each style!

Lush Snow Fairy Showel Gel

The Snow Fairy works her magic on everyone then vanishes until next Christmas. Grab her and take her into a shower near you while you can.

She’s back for the Holidays!  

Most people look forward to the Starbucks Holiday Beverages and the Limited Edition Planners every Christmas. 

I look forward to the Snow Fairy shower gel.

I am not sure, but does it look more densely pink than before? Or maybe it’s just the new packaging. I like the previous signature black Lush label better. Now, it’s just sooo… sooo pink!  It reminds me of the pink cuticle remover.

The scent is consistently sugary (and sometimes, sickeningly) sweet but I’ve noticed, throughout the many Christmases and post Christmases I’ve used it that there are other hints of flavors, both distinguishable and indistinguishable.  There were times when I could smell bubblegum and cotton candy, but there were also times when I thought I could get a whiff of strawberry and a fake banana flavor. Maybe it depends on whoever the Lush chemist is.

It is glittery, too. In previous Christmases, there were a lot of glitters in the formula. This year, there aren’t that much. Again, maybe it depends on the chemist, although I do not know its purpose other than the prettification of the packaging since I do not come out of the bathroom all sparkly and shiny.

I like to use it on my hair too, even if it is a little drying because the scent lasts. It keeps my hair from smelling like hair!

My mission in January: Prowl in as many Lush stores and as fast as I could because the shower gel would be on sale by then!

Family Day

Today is our Company’s Family Day held at the Resorts World. The Theme was Flick or Treat. Three Cinemas had been reserved from 10-3pm which showed “Brave”, “Hotel Transylvania”, and “Paranorman”. There were face painting, kids’ salon, candy corner and photo booths. We didn’t stay in the area though because there were too many kids running around and adults running after them that the Little Creature might get trampled. Most of the time, we just went on our own and let the Creature totter about on the carpeted floors.

10:30 am: The Starbucks Resorts World’s first customer.

It’s The Little Creature’s cheat day! No yucky baby food today!

Duhddy indulged the Little Creature’s cheat day. Order whatever you want, he said.

Baby’s first SB drink

11:00 am at the Flick or Treat area. But where are all my friends? Inside the cinemas. We did find a couple of familiar faces and one of them was good ol’ Ronnie.

11 something-ish. Teeter totter at the ground floor. Oooh, let’s buy something for mommy! Duhddy Creature as usual played deaf. Poor Little C fell and hit his head on the cemented floors twice.

12:00nn: Lunch at the Krazy Garlik. Yum.

Me want a glass of cerveza negra!


Maybe 1:00pm-ish: Fun at the arcade.


Some 1:00pm-ish. Outside the theater where the King and I is playing. Teeter-totter-teeter-totter in the area after the shoot.

What a very tiring day running after the Little C and making sure he doesn’t hit his head again. We left the Resorts World at around 3pm and I could barely keep my eyes open in the car.

The Little C’s social life is not yet through. Tomorrow he celebrates his post birthday!

Parenthood is very tiring.

P.S. Outfit of the Day: shirt and denim cargo pants from Zara; wedges and bag from Topshop;  Arm Candy, from ME!

Prettia Jewel Peach

Bought Prettia again online but this time in Jewel Peach.

Finally got it right. Was able to color the roots successfully.

Before dyeing on the left, color by Tony and Jackey. Jewel Peach on the right.

Dyed the roots first, left the foamy dye for about 20 minutes and then dyed the rest of my hair. Left the foam for about an hour.

Before pics…

After pics…

Doesn’t seem as if the color changed much but it is actually a shade or two brighter.

I think the instructions said to leave the foam on the hair for 20-30 minutes. (it read on the box: Japanese-Japanese-20-30-Japanese-Japanese…) but I read somewhere (in English, thankfully) that if you want to achieve the exact color of the model’s hair in the picture on the box, then you should leave the foam longer and that’s what I did. Looks like a good tip.

It takes twice as long to use Prettia than to use other regular hair dyes so this is what I did to pass the time…

I’m so careless and messy when it comes to coloring but the great thing about Prettia is that it doesn’t stain or else I’d have Jewel Peach ears as well.

I’d like an order of large fries with my ketchup and mayo please!

Manicure and Motherhood

Mixing them is quite a challenge.

I had my nails done for the FIRST time this year. Finally, I had a few minutes to spare so I went for a quick stopover at a salon this afternoon.

I should have known better than to go home immediately after the manicure. The polish wasn’t completely dry and the few seconds of playtime with the Little Creature has ruined the polish on the nail of my right thumb.

And I should have known better than to play with the Little Crit so soon, but he has just recently recovered from his sickness and him being back to his old, hyperactive, comical self is just so irresistible. Sigh.


I might not return to that “Perfectly Polished” salon in SM Masinag though. The manicurist was manicuring too fast, she cut the cuticle on my index finger that it bled.I gotta admit, The O.P.I. Ink is perfect for my claws! I love the color. In some angles the polish is violet. In others, it is blue like this in the picture.

For the BENEFIT of Friendship

reblogged from In the Meantime, This is Our Title

Dear Friends,

I know, I know. We spoke (or messaged) about going to the Benefit Counter and trying out the Benefit Brow Bar together but one fine Friday afternoon, I have done the unthinkable, betrayed you and popped by the booth alone.

This is what happened.  I got off the train at the Edsa Shangri-la station last Friday to meet Hubby at Megamall and I had this oh-why-not-pass-by-the- Rustan’s-cosmetics-counters-on-the-way-out thought.  Like the usual zombie I turn into at 4:30 in the afternoon after the usual, mundane workplace beat, I treaded mechanically out of the MRT station until I found myself in front of the Benefit counter.


I gazed in rapture at the Benestuff and I resisted to break into song like The Little Mermaid Ariel   – “Look at these stuff, isn’t it neat? Making me feel my collection’s incomplete. Making me feel like the girl, the girl who doesn’t have everything! Look at this trove, treasures untold. How many wonders can one counter hold? Looking around here, I think, I definitely don’t have everything!”

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Sadako in Prettia Milk Tea Brown

Having white hair sucks. I used to rationalize: they’re white highlights! My overly perky, unconvincing thought bubbles said. Highlights that represent the “highlights” of my life!

Duh. Tell that to the marines.

I usually dye my hair 1-2 x a month. Unfortunately, my Do-It-Myself experimentations often lead to patchy, uneven-colord hair (and neck!) and messy, dye-spattered bathroom walls and floors. I often end up at the salons a week after to have my roots recolored. Just like what happened 2 weeks ago.

I don’t usually like the process of dyeing but I had been looking forward to it that time just so I could use the Prettia Bubble Hair in Milk Tea Brown that I bought online.

Yeahyeahyeah, blahblahblah, sushisashimiyakiyumyum, says the box. Yeahyeahyeah, blahblahblah, obiwankenobi, says the instructions that came with the set.

I did know that I should mix the liquids in the 2 bottles and I did know that I shouldn’t shake the bottle briskly, that I should blend gently, as graceful as a geisha. But how do I get the foam out??? I thought the bottle was like the usual dispenser with springs so I tugged and yanked and twisted the cap until I finally figured it out. Ah! So you squeeze the bottle to let the foam out! Arigato, God!

Ta-DAAAH! Look, ma, no mess! Applied foam all over my hair and channeled Cindy Lou Who for some comic relief for the Little Creature.

Kept the foam on my hair for almost an hour.

The result:

Before you die, you see

A red-haired Sadako!

It’s far from the shade on the Prettia model on the box and it must be because my hair was already reddish before.

Under fluorescent light… It doesn’t show but I wasn’t able to cover the white roots.

Last Sunday, I found the white roots so intolerable so I turned to Tony and Jackey for some expert root dyeing and a haircut. My mom and sister had their haircuts, too. Looks like I’ve turned them into T&J converts.

In the afternoon light…

Thanks to hubby and baby, by the way, for enduring some two hours of Me time in T&J.

“Oooh! Nice red hair! Me want to bite! Me want to yank!” says the Little Creature.

More Online Purchases

Went online shopping again last month. I just haven’t had the time to check out all the items before, hence the delayed posting.


Look at those busy, prying hands.  The Little Creature conducts goods receipt and quality check. Pass or fail? One would think that the stuff is for him.

There really are a lot of kitschy finds at Little Emily. Heard that my friend A also splurged at the online store.

Aside from the spin pins and the TouchBeauty lash curler (and maybe that Korean sponge curler), I do not know how useful the other thingamajigs I purchased are but they’re cheap so it isn’t such a risk to buy and experiment. The cheapness is what is so addictive about it.

I bought a half dozen lash curlers for my friends for the wholesale price of P45 each.  After more than 20 years of friendship… cheap, M, cheap.

I bought:

The Low Back Bra Strap 3 piece pack @ P85 for low back dresses. I have not tried it but it could probably be of some use.

More Spin Pins 10piece pack @ P30. I have alread misplaced those that I have ordered previously hence the need for replenishment.

Mascara Guide @P15 (obviously that blue thing on my face) – feels more tedious than uncomplicated. Maybe I just need some practice.

Bangs Curler Clip @ P25 (obviously that pink thing on my forehead) – claims to help the user “get that perfect side swept bangs“. But how??? There were no instructions provided. Or maybe there was, I just couldn’t read the Chinese characters. 

The Massage Spa Protech Face Massager @ P150 – claims to reduce sun damage, reduce pore size, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and firm skin and muscle tone.

Does it work? Well, all I can attest to is that funny buzzing sound and tingling sensation on my cheeks. I have tried it only a couple of times and if my soul had taken possession of someone else’s body and saw empty body me using it, I’d definitely ridicule empty me.

Wanna have shinny skin? You gotta admire its ‘ergonomic’ design, though. Now, that’s something my workplace totally supports. Safety first!