Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

These days, this is my means of escape.  I keep hoping for that blue box to appear from out of nowhere and the Doctor getting out and saying, “allons-y!”

The Tardis: courtesy of some creative individual who posted this in the internet

The Tardis: courtesy of some creative individual who posted this in the internet

There is nothing of  Dalek-Cyberman magnitude in my life that I need to escape from. But sometimes, I just need a break from the humdrum of earth life.

These days it’s Doctor Who who provides that welcome break. I only wish we could do it in the actual Tardis.

Meet the alien time lord who travels space and time in his blue police box or Tardis that’s “bigger on the inside” (I can imagine the Doctor mouthing the words and rolling his eyes). I started watching the 9th regeneration (Christopher Eccleston). At first, I wasn’t convinced. Those walking mannequins seemed tacky. His companion, Rose Tyler (Billie Piper. Hey, I remember seeing a couple of her MTVs about a decade ago when she was a teenybopper) seemed boring (shoulda been me instead! There might be serious side effects of time travel on a pregnant woman and her baby though). The other aliens just looked like actors in alien costumes. But I’m glad I gave it a chance. Sure, some of the aliens are more comical than scary (like the farty Slitheens), but the Doctor and Rose grew on me. I even like her funny and plucky mum.  It was the first ever Doctor Who season I’ve watched (I just recently found out that Doctor Who has been around since the 60s with several incarnations) so I got a bit disoriented, just like the Doctor himself when he regenerated and changed into the 10th Doctor played by David Tennant ( “Whut?!?!?!” Whut?!?!?! WHUTTTTT?!?!?!”).

I’m now watching Season 4 and David Tennant as the Doctor is uber charming. He seemingly expends too much energy in acting with all the “wibbly wobbly” things going on with his facial muscles and his whole body but it works for him as the kooky, eccentric, unpredictable Doctor.  As the last human Lady Cassandra said (aside from “moisturize me, moisturize me!), he’s “a little bit foxy!”

Some episodes I like, some episodes, well…

The one episode that I really like and which seemed darker and different from the rest was “Blink” from Season 3 with the weeping angels. “Don’t blink. Blink and you’re dead,” said the Doctor. And I was so creeped out I almost didn’t.  That episode with the gas masks fused into the faces of the people was creepy, too. “Are you my mummy?” Creepy. And the setting was cool, too. So steampunk.

Going back in time and meeting William Shakespeare and making him say “expelliarmus!” to banish the creatures Carrionites was a bit cheeky. Yup, “good ol’ J.K”.

Season 4 Episode 7 (The Unicorn and the Wasp) is one of my favorite episodes because the Doctor and Donna met Agatha Christie of course. Plus, the references to AC’s books, especially the titles, were hilarious.

However, there was this scene in that Christmas special about the flying Titanic and the golden faced angels where the Doctor just flew with two angels at his side which seemed a little off and funny (in a not so nice way) but well, I can live with that.

That romance angle thing works with Rose Tyler but so far, my favorite Doctor’s companion is Donna Noble, the woman who “waved at a fat”. She’s funny and feisty (and of course, Captain Jack because he’s hot).

Try saying Raxacoricofallapatorious. Just like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, it makes you sound precocious.

Or New-New-New-New-New-New-New-New-New-New-New-New-New-New-New New York, the fifteenth city of New York since the original. How will some future Frank Sinatra sing this? (I want to be a part of it! New-New-New-New-New-New-New-New-New-New-New-New-New-New-New New York!)

(Updates after a few weeks: Hmmm… I blinked, missed one episode, and the Doctor turned into the 11th incarnation, Matt Smith. How disorienting, really. I miss David Tennant but Matt is also funny and kooky and cute in an odd sort of way. His companion Amy Pond has got to be the most gorgeous companion yet. I love her voice and her Scottish accent… and her red hair and her long legs and her round eyes…)


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